Forgotten Fathers - Documentary

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Forgotten Fathers - Documentary


2% funded

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Forgotten Fathers (Documentary)

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Lia Mills

Lia Mills first stepped onto the stage of activism at the age of twelve, when a video of her presenting a speech about abortion went viral on YouTube. Since that time, Lia Mills has continued being a voice for the voiceless. She is undeterred in her goal to make abortion both unnecessary and unthinkable.

Category: Pro-life

Start Date: October 16, 2019

This campaign is raising funds for "Forgotten Fathers", a documentary that is being produced in collaboration between Lia Mills and Mighty Motion Pictures. Mighty Motion Pictures has produced a number of powerful productions, including the documentary "Hush", which takes an in-depth look at the effects of abortion on women. For more information about Mighty Motion Pictures, go to For more information about the "Hush" documentary, go to

A preliminary outline for the "Forgotten Fathers" documentary has been provided below. For more information about the documentary or about the financial breakdown, contact or

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“Men” and “Abortion”? Who puts those two words together? Men are out of the picture. What do they have to do with it?

Abortion is a woman's issue. It's her body. It's her choice. Stay out of it.

At least, that's how the rhetoric goes. And yet, the reality is much more nuanced than that.

Men are intimately involved in reproduction. Men like Henry Morgentaler are also the reason abortion has become so widely accepted and legalized in North America. And, arguably, with more support from men, abortions would be less necessary. Does this historical involvement give men a right to voice their opinion on this issue? Or should we stick to the "no uterus, no voice" mantras that abound in the pro-choice movement?

Where do men fit into the picture when it comes to the abortion debate?

Over the course of this documentary, one young pro-life feminist will explore the legal, political, social, and moral landscape of men and abortion. Is abortion only a "women's rights" issue? Or is it more complicated than that?

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