Higher Education Freedom Defence Fund

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Higher Education Freedom Defence Fund


1% funded

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College and University Students, Staff, and Faculty

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Category: Freedom

Start Date: April 11, 2022

This project creates a legal fund pool for College and University students, staff, and faculty who are harmed by their institution’s Covid-19 mandates and are unable to raise the funds needed to access the justice system. We are creating this LifeFunder on behalf of twenty fully-funded participants, and we are looking to fund additional individuals to file their own Human Rights claims or legal actions. 

Many candidates with limited means have already been identified as strong cases that can be included. Our concern is for the people who have been impacted by the excessively harsh and severe mandate policies. We support those who have had their studies and research halted, their medical and religious exemption requests denied, and/or have been placed on unpaid leave. Any remaining funds will be used to help students, staff or faculty in Canadian Colleges and Universities with their own similar legal actions.

We seek your support to protect and preserve academic freedom, informed consent and bodily autonomy. We are a diverse group of people, inclusive of all faiths, creeds and political views who are concerned that these Covid-19 mandates have led to more harm than good. https://studentsforcovidethics.org/press-release-march-21-2022/

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