Restore National "One Church One Child" adoptions

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Restore National "One Church One Child" adoptions


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National One Church One Child

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Category: Pro-Family

Start Date: August 2, 2021

There are approximately 130,000 children in the foster care system who are available for adoption, and we stand firm in our belief that adoption is the best support that a foster child can receive and we especially believe that adoption into a Christian family is a blessing to both the child and the family.

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Fr. George Clements started the One Church One Child national organization in 1980 and this network has since been responsible for the adoption of more than 390,000 children.

The One Church One Child organization establishes chapters in a state, with a network of local churches then seeking prospective adoptive parents from their congregations and the community and refer them to local government social services, which has children available for adoption. 

The organization advertises, promotes and facilitates the adoption of children and assists the congregations in all ways possible to get children adopted out of foster care. 

We are hoping to obtain funds in a modest amount to get the program re-establish the National headquarters and feel that our continuing efforts will bring funds through donations and grants. 

As it stands the 501 (c) 3 organization [tax Ein: 20-1070397] is current but we have no operating funds.

Father George Clements started this program because he learned that a disproportionate number of Black children were lingering in the foster care system. Unfortunately this is still the case. 

Since Fr. Clements' passing in 2019 the organization has lain dormant and we intend to restore and expand its scope in this historic time when it is needed more than ever. 

We are being assisted by Dr. Arie Sailor of One Church One Child - Florida in this endeavour.

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We are restoring National One Church One Child to preserve and continue the legacy of Fr. George Clements. In so doing we intend also to honor his principles as a Catholic priest. Father had strong sentiment that adoptions should adhere to Scriptural directive as in Mark 10:6-8. We shall ensure that National One Church One Child will rely in all matters on the principles and definitions set forth in the Bible and will conduct its affairs as guardians of a sacred mission.

Fr. Clements often cited a verse in Matthew (25: 35-40) as the inspiration and foundation for his work. Father interpreted the message as Jesus’ telling us that helping the Least of His flock was helping Him. Father believed that we do not need to have majestic goals but only need to “help one person” and that one act will suffice. This is a humble statement from someone whose work was eventually responsible for the adoption of more than 390,000 children.

We intend to go forward with the work of One Church One Child and to proceed under the Scriptural value system on which Fr. Clements based the foundation of the organization. While the original emphasis of the One Church One Child was the placing of Black children with Christian families, it has evolved to include children of all races and condition. We intend to proceed with this work. Additionally, we intend to partner with ProLife adoption agencies and services in order to counter the menace of abortion and to stop the murder of the unborn

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