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And Then There Were None


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An Abby Johnson Film

 Abby Johnson’s book, UNPLANNED and the subsequent successful movie tells the incredible transformative story of her life that is a living testimony to the grace of God. So now Abby is committed to seeing Jesus set others free with His radical love! The Spirit of the Lord is on her to proclaim liberty to the captives! And that is through the form of her first feature-length documentary, called UNTHINKABLE.   

 The Lord wants to shine a bright light on the darkness and lies that are the foundations of Planned Parenthood and abortion providers around the world. But God wants to bring a heart of grace, which is both mercy and truth to the workers, doctors, counsellors, receptionists, accountants, board members, financial supporters, politicians and the media who have had the heart to help but are trapped in a pit of lies and fear. In Proverbs 16:2 it says, “All the ways of a man are pure in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the spirits” and in verse 6 it says, “Wickedness is atoned for by love and truth, and in the awe of the Lord people turn from evil.”! Like Jesus said, “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free!”

And so, they have! Over 600 so far have come to know the Truth and left the abortion industry through the anointing that is on Abby's ministry, “And Then There Were None” and they have amazing and wonderful stories of the grace of God in action! So, Abby wants everyone to hear their inspiring stories including the accounts from the faithful in the pro-life community who are fighting the good fight for life all over the world with a fierce grace that is resulting incredible transformations. People definitely need encouragement to see and hear these stories of triumph and hope where God's powerful love has been victorious over the real enemy- not people in the abortion industry, but the Spirits of Pride, Self-Preservation and Death! And that’s not just in terms of saving babies but all the other lives involved, including mothers, fathers, and abortion clinic workers!

 This film is a cry from the Lord’s heart. He is looking for a new kind of warrior in today’s abortion battle:  He wants to enlist those who are dead already to their ways. His strategy is for us to love mercy and to diligently practice kindness and compassion, and to walk humbly with God, setting aside any overblown sense of self-righteousness. Because He IS the Way, the Truth and the Life and it’s only by His Grace and His Spirit that any of us are saved and set free from doing the UNTHINKABLE!


Psalm 106:1 Praise the Lord for HE IS GOOD! For His mercy endures forever!

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