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Pro-Life Hero Dies of Cancer - Help Kids


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Bosa Lisec and her daughters, Jacinta, Ana and Klara

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Category: Pro-Life

Start Date: June 3, 2022

    Pro-Life hero Dr. Antun Lisec died of cancer! Widow and Children Need Help!

SUMMARY: Dr. Lisec was a surgeon and family doctor -- until Fr. Paul Marx of Human Life International challenged him to quit his career to become a full-time pro-life educator and missionary, sharing the pro-life message to doctors, priests, seminarians, nuns, the public and on radio in Croatia, Russia and the surrounding countries -- with his 30 years of awesome work creating a great pro-life foundation to this day. Dr. Lisec got a brain tumor and quickly died, leaving his stay-at-home wife and three beautiful girls. This is the third anniversary of his death, and his family still needs our help -- especially since Dr. Lisec gave up his medical income to do sacrificial pro-life work. Please donate to this amazing family!

MORE DETAILSDr. Antun Lisec was a family doctor and surgeon in Croatia, and also attended the HLI conferences in the US. In addition to his medical work, he was giving talks and doing part-time pro-life work in Croatia and the surrounding countries.  At one point, Fr. Paul Marx, Founder and Executive Director of HLI, encouraged Dr. Antun to QUIT HIS JOB as a surgeon, in order to do full-time pro-life/pro-family/chastity work. Fr. Marx told Dr. Antun that there are plenty of doctors, but there are not plenty of passionate pro-life warriors teaching other doctors, priests, and laity about pro-life. 

     Dr. Antun accepted Fr. Marx’s challenge, and quit his job as a doctor and spent the next 30 years saving thousands of moms and babies, teaching leaders about pro-life, and doing radio programs that reached many communist countries in the eastern bloc. He also got married to Bosa, and together have three beautiful faith-filled daughters!

     We know God is in charge, and unfortunately for us on earth, Dr. Antun got a brain tumor and died, leaving behind his wonderful wife and three precious daughters. Dr. Antun’s pro-life income was the only income for their family, and now they need our help. Dr. Antun asked me personally, to please reach out to the pro-life community to help take care of his family. Dr. Antun dedicated his life to fighting abortion and teaching people the truth about life and more. Now, we can pitch in to help his family!  Their family needs $1,830 a month to live on, which is about $22,000 a year in US dollars. My goal is to raise one year of income for them. In addition to a sacrificial gift right now, please let me know if you can become a monthly donor.

     Please read the letter below from his oldest daughter, Jacinta.  She and I visit regularly on skype, and she's very blessed to receive our prayers, financial support for her family, and to practice her English. :)

     You can also see this webpage about Dr. Antun.  Be sure to click “English” at the top right.  

                   Letter from Antun’s oldest daughter, Jacinta.

Greetings in Christ from Croatia—

     On June 1st we lost our dear husband and father, Antun Lisec.  He was only 62 years old.  

     After a short and heroic battle with a brain tumor, sadly, he succumbed to the disease. He left my mother, Bosa, and three daughters (Ana, Klara and myself, Jacinta). Our family is in shock and heartbroken about losing our special father.

     Some people say there was no pro-life apostle in the world like my father, Antun. He worked for decades to bring the pro-life Gospel to the former communist countries, as director of Human Life International in Croatia. Here is what HLI in America says about our loving husband and father:

     "Dr. Antun, born on July 6, 1957, joined HLI’s global mission in 1991, offering his life and medical vocation in the service of the Gospel of Life. Covering an expanse of three decades, Dr. Antun gave numerous lectures in over 30 countries across Central and Eastern Europe. As a pro-life missionary, Dr. Antun exhausted himself, trying to save human lives and women from the violence and crime of abortion and youth from the ravages of the sexual revolution. He defended the beauty and sacredness of marriage, promoted God’s gift of fertility, and upheld the dignity of every human life from the moment of conception to natural death.

     Dr. Antun’s dedication, passion, interventions, and public witness saved countless lives. Nothing could stifle his passion, not even his battle with cancer. Even while in the hospital undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, Dr. Antun proclaimed the Gospel of Life to doctors, nurses, hospital staff, and patients.  He took into his heart and modeled his life upon the simple words of Jesus, “Truly, I say to you: whenever you did this to one of the least, of these my brothers, you did it to Me’” (Matthew 25:40)."

     Our father saved the lives of many babies by meeting personally with mothers and fathers who were thinking about abortion and speaking with them kindly. He is saving babies right now, also, through the thousands of priests, nuns and seminarians (both Catholic and Orthodox), physicians, nurses and lay people whom God brought to his talks. Also, he wrote many pro-life leaflets and distributed huge numbers of them wherever he went. Through these leaflets, he will continue to save babies in future years.

     Our father also saved thousands of babies by teaching pharmacists and his audiences that the Pill and IUD are sinful and cause the abortions of tiny new human lives. He fought against the sins of fornication and pornography as well. He was never afraid to speak the truth, in kind words, because he loved Our Lord and His people.

     Physical danger did not stop our father either. He had to take dangerous airplane flights sometimes, and often drive on bad roads in bad weather. One time, bandits in a car chased his mini-van and he barely got to the next town. Also, in the 1990s he continued his pro-life work in places where Serbian and Croatian soldiers were fighting. 

     He was a wonderful, pure, faithful, prayerful Catholic gentleman, a wonderful husband and father, and a generous friend helping families in need, including mothers, babies and the poorest of the poor. He was very devoted to our Mother, Mary.

     My dream, depending how much my education allows it, is to continue my father's work by printing his leaflets and sending them to the contacts he has made over his 30 years of work. Our family wants to keep doing pro-life work and helping spread the pro-life and pro-family message in our part of the world. Young people’s purity is under strong attack here, and they need our help to avoid sins and not abort their babies.

     We are heartbroken to lose our father, and unfortunately, our family financial situation is also broken. We are very worried about our future, as our father was the only provider in the family and was self-employed. He sacrificed his surgeon career 30 years ago for his pro-life work, and had no physician income since that time.

     As our family passes through this very difficult time, our faith in eternal life and divine Providence keeps us strong and gathered in communion.   

     We are praying God will send angels and saints to help care for us in this painful time. And so we humbly ask you, our fellow pro-lifer, for help. 

     My mother is without a driving license and recently found a simple job cleaning the local school. My mother has been a wonderful wife and mother, but her job skills are not much beyond cooking, cleaning and sewing. Mother, and we girls, served as our pro-life father’s support team. We never thought he would go to Heaven so early in his life.

     My sisters and I are all still attending school. We are currently receiving our father's monthly pension of HRK 1,900 (USD $250) and children’s social support HRK 1,400 (USD $210) combined, for all three of us girls. This unfortunately is not enough to cover all the utility bills and basic life expenses of HRK 12,100 (USD $1,830) monthly.

     Here are our monthly expenses:

Utility bills -- HRK 2500 HRK / USD $380

Food -- HRK 4,000 HRK / USD $600

Life insurance -- HRK 600 HRK / USD $90

Other lump sums (books for school, public transport, school snacks, clothes, etc.) -- HRK 5,000 HRK / USD $760

     These are the minimal costs for a modest life without a car and without the costs of car maintenance, gas and insurance if we were to get one. Me and my sister are currently attending school, and because we live in the village, we are dependent on public transport that only comes two times a day.

     If you are led to help our family financially, please do so. The financial impact on us is deep and every little bit will help. It will be a blessing to our family and will help us to carry on our father’s work to save babies in many countries.

     If it is possible for you to help support our family each month, that would be an answer to our prayers.   

     It would be very difficult to find another person as devoted and passionate as our father was towards his pro-life work. We are very proud of him and the way God used him on earth.

     Thank you for considering the serious need we have. God bless you for what you do to save the unborn babies.  May He send love, grace, peace, hope and assistance to all families around the world who have lost loved ones. 

     With love and grateful prayers,

     Jacinta and Lisec Family

     Bosa (mom) and Jacinta, Ana and Klara

(If you would like to be in touch directly with Bosa and her daughters, to skype and say hello, please contact this donation page for more details.)

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