Help persecuted Chinese Catholics spread the Faith

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Help persecuted Chinese Catholics spread the Faith


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Category: Persecuted Christians

Start Date: June 15, 2021

Persecuted Catholics in China are not only facing threats to their lives, they’re being put into ‘re-education’ camps as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) tighten their control over religion.  

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Sadly, persecuted Catholics in China aren’t being taught the true beauty of the Catholic faith and they haven’t been for years. Recent events are only making this worse.  

Currently, a new ministry is working to bring faithful Catholic teaching to China through a podcast that will also help teach them English.  

It’s very similar to any language learning audio, but focuses on teaching the faith.  

The program is currently working with 1400 catechesis teachers and all of the students each of those teachers help. In addition to those children, they also reach almost 5,000 people directly via the messaging platforms in these Asian countries. 

At the moment, the ministry cannot register as a non-profit due to persecution and targeting from the CCP. Officials have already shut down one platform being used to distribute the programs. 

Despite these hurdles, the truth of the Church must be taught! There are billions of people in Asia and the only way for the Catholic Church to grow and flourish is for programs like this to be available. Soon the Catholic Church in China will just be another propaganda source for the government. We must act now while the people are open to learning the true faith.  

Currently, volunteers read the Sunday readings and complete a short catechesis. An Asian Catholic then reads the readings and reflection in their language and an editor who speaks the Asian language puts it all together.  

Even with the strong cohort of volunteers and some private donations, the audio editors who put the content together are essential and do not work for free.  

At a bare minimum the ministry needs $2,000 a month to continue to reach the 10,000-25,000 families it is reaching. Due to the non-profit issues being faced, we are hoping to raise enough funds to cover a years worth of expenses to help us continue in our endeavor.  

Click "Donate Now" to help these brave Catholics spread the Faith.

Would you also please pray for the ministry? We’re facing significant hurdles and spiritual attacks at any turn.  

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