Pregnant Mom of 12 Weeks Needs Help!

Arlington, Telangana


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Pregnant Mom of 12 Weeks Needs Help!


18% funded

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Category: Pro-Life

Start Date: March 25, 2022

"Hannah" works part-time behind the seafood counter in a local supermarket and lives with her six-year-old autistic child in a rented basement apartment.  Separated from her husband for the past four years, she receives no financial support from him and has no family living in the area.  Hannah recently became pregnant.  Unable to afford the $335 per week child care expense that having a baby would result in , she is caught between her desire to keep her baby and harsh economic reality along with her boyfriend's pressure to abort.

Hannah recently talked to the counselors at A Best Choice and is seeking assistance to help cover child care expenses.  In this Lenten season of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving, we are asking for a trifecta:  your prayers and fasting for Hannah and her unborn baby along with a contribution to help see her through the impending expense she is now facing.  

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