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Truly Traditional Catholic Textbooks and School


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Christ the King Books

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Dean Loew

Christ the King Books is a family-run business.

Category: Pro-Family

Start Date: October 5, 2022

Christ the King Books is a small, family-run Traditional Catholic book publisher which specializes in producing hard-hitting Catholic educational books for brick-and-mortal schools, homeschooling families, and co-ops. As we see the need, we either create new products (of which we so far produced over 200 new works - please see our website or the sample list below).  We also republish classics.

The families and schools using our books are truly excited to finally find books which are not only clear and student-friendly, but also which do not hold back from giving the student the REAL STORY of what the Church has always traditionally taught on the subject. With all of our books, we are guided especially by the wisdom of St. Thomas Aquinas, the Church's greatest theologian, and we frequently quote the great popes and Church Councils of the past. For a few examples, our Biology - a Traditional Catholic Perspective textbook (see sample) has received excellent reviews from parents as well as from professionals in the field. Our United States History - a Traditional Catholic Perspective textbook (see sample), also praised by reviewers, frankly gives both the good and bad of the history of our nation, and is harder-hitting than any text we know of on the subject.  Besides its classroom use, many adults have purchased the book simply to learn what they were never taught as students.

Yet these are just two of the many books we have produced.  With your support, we can write many more.  In particular, new donations will go towards finishing  several exciting projects underway: our Traditional Catholic Grammar Series, Composition series, and a set of clearly-explained mathematics books.

Textbooks and exercises are very expensive to produce, each set generally requiring thousands of man-hours of writing, formatting, rewriting, proofreading, and publishing. The profit margins are actually quite thin. Will you please help us?  Your donations will go directly to help write books which are truly making a difference!

If you, like us, are frustrated that Catholic youth (and adults) have often only soft, watered-down, or even erroneous books to choose from, then we ask you to please support our small apostolate. Our long-term goal is to create a complete, TRULY TRADITIONAL K-12 curriculum, and possibly even college materials after that. We have a great start on grades 9-12, but need funds to continue, after having invested over $200,000 of our family money into this, and paying ourselves nothing for almost eight years full-time labor.

We have also started Angelic Doctor Academy, a Traditional Catholic correspondence school which uses Christ the King Books materials. The busy homeschooling parents feel secure with a safe haven of education, but they also love that we grade all the schoolwork, not just a small portion as with most homeschool services. We have just begun our second year of operation, and the parental response has been extremely supportive and positive.

Note that our book publishing and school are two divisions of the same company;we are especially seeking funds for the book publishing divisions, as all Catholics can benefit from books, not just our enrolled academy students.

Besides prayers and donations, we are also seeking paid or volunteer help to write textbooks, grade schoolwork, write software, improve our websites, market our products, give phone support, and manage things. If you know good Catholics with any of these skills, please let us know at or 785-260-7999.

Thank you, and God bless you!   Below is a list of a just a few of our books, as well as some samples you can download.


Biology for High School Students- a Traditional Catholic Perspective (as well as its Laboratory Manual)     

View sample PDF

This refreshingly Catholic biology book begins with a short and easy application of the excellent philosophy of Aristotle and the wisdom of St. Thomas Aquinas (the Catholic Church’s greatest theologian) to the science of biology. In contrast to most modern biology texts, which are guided by evolutionary principles and assumptions, this textbook explains life from the perspective of the observable activities of living things.It takes into account all the causes of life, including God, the soul, and the purpose behind the design of living things.

Guided by this sound framework, the reader is given an up-to-date presentation of human biology, animal physiology, a detailed treatment of the various animal and plant kinds, ecosystems, cellular and molecular biology, genetics and heredity, biotechnology and ethics, and a refutation of evolution as a plausible explanation of the origin and diversity of life.

Recommended for grades 9 – 12. Perfect for homeschoolers!  Its primary author is Pamela Acker, who is well-known to many on LifeSiteNews.   One of our top-selling books!   600 pages.

This is far and away the best biology textbook I have ever read. Indeed, there is absolutely no comparison between this textbook and any other science textbook that I have read. I am convinced that it will have a major impact for good on secondary education and university education in biology wherever it is adopted.”   ~Hugh Owen, Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation /


United States History from a Traditional Catholic Perspective     

View sample PDF

Traditional Catholic readers especially love this book, which tells the true story of our country’s foundations - both the strengths and the weaknesses. We contrast anti-Catholic and Masonic ideas with the solid teachings of the Church; expose some strengths and errors in our Founding Documents; show the struggle of the immigrants; follow the expansion of our nation, the great wars and the bravery of our troops, and so much more. This hard-hitting book opens with the great Queen Isabella of Spain sending Columbus, and the ends around the 1970’s. The real facts are often quite surprising.   Many adults purchase this to get the real history they were never taught.   An excellent, hard-hitting history; we challenge you to find anything like it elsewhere. 

Recommended for grades 10 – 12.  525 pages.

The best history book I’ve ever read!”   Paula W., Kansas

United States History by Christ the King Books offers a refreshing change from these biased (and ultimately anti-Catholic) American Histories that promote the foundation of American democracy as the best government the world has ever seen…"
~Elizabeth A. Lozowski,


Besides the above, we have written dozens of other books in science, religion, composition, Latin, and other subjects.   See more samples, or visit our website for more choices.

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