Restore Authentic Catholic Masculinity!



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Restore Authentic Catholic Masculinity!


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Catholic men in the UK

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Category: Faith & Family

Start Date: April 16, 2019

"He will turn the hearts of fathers to their children, and the hearts of children to their fathers"

Do you want to experience

- the restoration of authentic Catholic masculinity?
- more healthy, positive masculine behaviours?
- more committed Catholic fathers?
- more support from other Catholic men?
- more fathers bringing their families to church?
- more opportunities to share the faith with other men?
- more good priests and healthy marriages?
- more guidance and mentoring from other men?
- more men positively engaged in the church and society?
- more men taking up responsibility?
- fewer headlines about male incapacity, like the ones below?


As a Catholic man, you will benefit from:

- a network of strong, supportive, faithful Catholic men;
- a programme for growth within a Catholic men's group;
- clear guidance on the roles and responsibilities of Catholic men;
- access to resources, workshops, retreats and conferences;
- an understanding of who you are created to be as a man.

(Pictures from recent Catholic Man UK conferences)

As a Catholic woman, you will benefit from:

- men stepping up and carrying out their responsibilities;
- men committed to God, the Church, marriage and family life;
- clear, strong examples and role models for your sons;
- confidence that your dignity will be defended and upheld.

38461574_15553413708145_r.jpeg(Picture from the recent Catholic Man UK pilgrimage to Walsingham)

As the Catholic Faithful, we will benefit from:

- men returning to the Faith and bringing their families with them;
- men's renewed energy and participation in parish life;
- men's strong stand against attacks on life and the family;
- well-fathered men entering the priesthood;
- well-catechised children giving life to the future of the Church.

Society and the Church go by way of the family and the family goes by way of the father. 
The vitality of our future world lies in the hands of strong, disciplined and principled fathers!

38461574_1555342557272812_r.jpeg(Picture from the recent Catholic Man UK pilgrimage to Walsingham)

The funds will be used for:

- setting up an interactive members website;
- resources to establish and run Catholic men's groups across the UK;
- venues for conferences, workshops and practical activities;
- marketing and market research to meet the needs of Catholic men;
- administration and maintaining the network of men's groups.

We expect to raise all funds by the end of May 2019!

It only needs 5000 Catholics to give £10, or 2000 to give £25, or  just 1000 to give £50 and we will have reached our goal.

Your support will mean that we can  swiftly begin to address the social crisis of masculinity that is evident even among Catholic men! 

We are very grateful to you for supporting this vocation with your generous almsgiving! Please share this with other Catholic friends, family, priests and parishioners. 

With your help, we can begin the restoration of authentic masculinity in the UK. We can turn the hearts of fathers to their children so that their children turn their hearts to God the Father. 

Your rewards (spiritual rather than material!)

£10-£29 - a personal prayer for your intentions and your name added to the Honours List on our website.
£30-£49 - the above, and a candle lit for you in a Lady Chapel, with a rosary said for your intentions
£50+ - the above, with prayers, candle, rosary for your intentions made on pilgrimage to the National Shrine of Our Lady at Walsingham
£100+ - a Mass said for your intentions

Thank you!

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