Help sponsor Christ is King billboards across the USA

Front Royal, Virginia


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Help sponsor Christ is King billboards across the USA


72% funded

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Category: Persecuted Christians

Start Date: April 9, 2024

UPDATE: Here is the billboard in New Jersey!

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Thank you so much for helping to proclaim the Kingship of Christ to the masses - we hope this billboard will be the first of many! 
We would be so grateful if you can be part of this special campaign that we hope to spread to every state, proclaiming the Kingship of Christ on billboards and supporting the overall mission of LifeSiteNews.

Our first 'Christ is King' roadside billboard will appear in New Jersey for four weeks and be viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

The full billboard is a whopping 14ft high x 48ft wide.

At a time when Christ is being pushed from the public square, we are joining with Christians around the world in making sure He is not forgotten or ignored.

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