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My name is David. I am the current director of the college.

Category: School

Start Date: September 29, 2018


Greetings from the entire team here in Cambridge.


 ‘Proverbs 22:6 King James Version (KJV) 6 ‘’Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it’’.


Our journey begun in December 2012 when we felt a strong sense that the Lord wanted us to cooperate with Him to establish an active Christian college in Cambridge. We contacted a group of Christian leaders around the world who prayed into this and the travel begun.

Cambridge is known globally for her academic heritage, but little is often said about the strong Christian heritage. The University itself was set up to provide education of a Christian character. The famous King’s College Cambridge was set up On 12 February 1441 by King Henry VI to provide education of a chrsitian character as well as to help the poor. Top universities in the US such as Harvard, Yale amongst others were equally founded on a Christian foundation.

It is no longer news that the Christian ethos of many of these great institutions as well as other Christian schools in the UK as well as US is nothing more than a mere historical information.

The world’s many challenges especially those of the developing world calls for a new breed of leaders who have a strong faith in God as well as excellent academic preparation. The vision of the college is to help shape nations by shaping the hearts and minds of our students. Our students will return to their different home countries to become the leaders and change-agents those countries seriously yearn for.


Some of our key achievements since 2012:

·         Producing first-class graduates who have proceeded to top UK universities.

·         Producing a chrsitian curriculum that can now be used by schools in the developing world.

·         Creating distant learning programs which can benefit students who cannot travel abroad due to costs or other reasons.

·         Building a team of dedicated Christian educators.

·         We have been able to support other Christian schools in the UK and outside.

·         We have been able to work with church groups on the journey of setting up chrsitian schools.

·         Recently secured a building in central Cambridge very close to the university and excellent support facilities for students (although we are required to finish payments very soon)

·         Accreditation with the Association of International Colleges and Schools

On the 1st of October 2018 we are reopening again to provide affordable world-class to students physically on ground here in Cambridge and others outside the UK. We would require the support of friends, churches and various groups in the following ways:

1.      GIVE

2.      SHARE

3.      PRAY

Your support would enable us to continue to be the voice of Christian colleges in the UK as well as to reach out to thousand more students with our programs both within and outside the UK. The support will also ensure that we can take care of some outstanding liabilities and to secure a stable home for the college without the pressure to seek Government support.

Anyone who gives education already has the hearts and minds captured. We must all work together to ensure that Christian education returns to the center.


We are also very happy to discuss loan options with a rate of interest around the (15%-17%) mark to be repaid in 9-12 months.

For more information kindly contact the bursar: Alan Scott:


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