Fathers ... Does his choice matter?

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Fathers ... Does his choice matter?


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Lisa Noble

Canadian Lady

Category: Pro-Life

Start Date: March 6, 2023

Men and abortion. Most people don’t usually associate those words with one another. After all, what do men have to do with it? Abortion is a woman’s issue. It’s her body; it’s her choice. Stay out of it! At least, that’s how the argument goes.

But for Lia Milousis—a 26-year-old feminist, human rights lawyer, and documentary writer/producer—something doesn’t add up. Framing abortion this way doesn’t reflect the history, reality, or daily experience of those impacted by abortion. The pro-choice mantra “no uterus, no opinion” is well-known, and the underlying premise of the slogan speaks to a genuine difference between how men and women approach this issue. Women are intimately and uniquely affected by abortion, both as a procedure and as a legal issue. But men and abortion are also connected. It is not possible to tell the story of abortion anywhere in the world without telling the stories of the men involved, whether in creating the demand or in regulating the act.

Throughout this unprecedented documentary, Lia Milousis will explore the legal, political, social, and moral involvement of men with abortion. Her journey—sparked by personal and professional involvement with this issue—will require grappling with challenging yet meaningful questions: What is the impact of framing abortion exclusively as a women’s rights issue? How does this affect women and men alike? And is there a better way to navigate and frame the abortion debate, one that makes space for the voices of the fathers?

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