Fathers ... Does his choice matter?

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Fathers ... Does his choice matter?


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Mighty Motion Pictures

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Lisa Noble

Canadian Lady

Category: Pro-Life

Start Date: March 6, 2023

Welcome to our fundraising campaign for the groundbreaking and Earthshaking

documentary, FATHERS " A Reframing of the Abortion Conversation by Including Men"

This project, led by Lia Milousis, a 26-year-old feminist, outspoken pro-life advocate,

dedicated human rights lawyer, and very talented documentary writer/producer, aims to

uncover the untold stories surrounding men and abortion. We invite you to join us in

rewriting and reforming the abortion narrative by supporting what will be one of the most

essential films of our time.

Campaign Pitch:

Challenge the Norm, Illuminate the Untold:

In the realm of reproductive rights, the intersectionality of men and abortion remains an

overlooked conversation. We're challenging this norm and diving deep into the

multifaceted relationship between men and abortion, seeking to dispel prevailing


About Lia Milousis:

Lia, our extremely passionate pro-truth advocate, and expert in human rights law, is

leading this unique initiative. With a deep commitment to social justice and a bold, lion’s

heart to bring injustices to light, Lia is embarking on an unprecedented but noble


Why Support?

1. Diverse Perspectives:

 This documentary promises to offer a more inclusive understanding of abortion

by acknowledging and incorporating the real life stories and experiences, voices

and views of both women and men who are young and old from various walks of

life, backgrounds and cultures.

2. Impactful Exploration:

 Lia Milousis will explore the legal, political, social, and moral dimensions of men's

involvement with abortion, sparking important meaningful conversations on a

global scale.

3. Challenging Assumptions:

 By contributing to this project, you're helping challenge prevailing assumptions

and that is that men have no right to a say in the abortion debate. It’s time for an

essential dialogue that is generally left unexplored inside one of the most volatile

and important subjects of our time.

How Your Contribution Makes a Difference:

Your support will directly contribute to all the essential costly work that goes into a very

professionally produced documentary that can be distributed worldwide. Excellence

comes at a cost in all areas of creating an extraordinary film. That includes elements

like Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production, Extraordinary Writing, and Music, by

very Talented and experienced personnel. And of course, worldwide distribution and

promotion. Your support will reframe the thinking about abortion and sound a trumpet

call for Men to assume their place and responsibility in the world as men who are meant

to lead in loving women and their children and being their protectors.

Donate and Be Part of the Change:

Your contribution, no matter the size, will make a significant impact! Together, let's

challenge norms, empower voices, uncover lies, shatter deadly perspectives and bring

the Truth and change narratives and actions that have resulted in the deaths of millions

of children each year. Donate today and be a part of rewriting history.

Stay Updated:

Follow our journey on social media and our dedicated campaign page to receive

exclusive updates, behind-the-scenes content, and insights into the making of

" Reframing the Discourses

Thank you for being a part of this transformative journey. Together, let's empower voices

and reshape the narrative surrounding men and abortion.

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