Josh Alexander v RCCDSB

Barrie, Ontario


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Josh Alexander v RCCDSB


43% funded

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Josh Alexander

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Category: Religious Liberty

Start Date: January 17, 2023

Josh Alexander is a 17 year old Christian student activist. Josh has been denied an education at the Renfrew County Catholic District School Board since November 2022, after speaking out against the radical left wing gender ideology in schools. After three arrests since February, one having been at his high school, Josh has continued to publicly uphold his convictions in the face of the rapidly developing censorious state. Josh is heavily involved with the Save Canada movement as it sweeps the country bringing the message of truth to our youth and providing a rallying point for concerned citizens. Josh seeks the funding necessary to aid in any and all expenses linked to his Save Canada efforts. Josh also requires financial support as he and his family all engage in litigation against corrupt and evil establishments. All support is greatly appreciated. Your contribution to a noble cause will not go unoticed. God bless those who keep this fight alive.

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