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Nikki's Battle Against Vax Injury


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Nikki A Holland

I am a 38yr old from Tennessee, who is engaged and has 3 wonderful children. I am a Physical Therapist and in Feb 2021 I had my 2nd Moderna Vaccine. I had an adverse reaction which all started a rollercoaster of medical events. I now have a tracheostomy, have a implanted urinary catheter, use oxygen and crutch/wheelchair.

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Start Date: March 15, 2022

My name is Nikki Holland and I live in rural TN and have three wonderful kids.  I am a Physical Therapist and was working full time until Feb of last year 2021.  I am sorry the beginning of this letter is such a lengthy intro, but I wanted to share my story and the background to why I am writing this letter and asking for your help…

After my second Moderna COVID vaccine on Feb 12, 2021 I developed nausea and vomiting 36 hours after and in the next few days I started having increased shortness of breath.  By day five post vaccine I was admitted to the hospital with respiratory failure and intubated exactly one week post vaccine.  This was the first of my medical rollercoaster of events that started following my vaccine.  During Feb-June of 2021 I was in 5 different hospitals in two different states, life flighted 4 different times and placed on the ventilator 5 different times.  I spent close to 100 days in the hospital during this time period and one month in an acute rehab hospital to get strong enough to go home.  I developed blood clots, pneumonia, multisystem inflammatory response syndrome, laryngospasms, mod/ severe restrictive lung disease, gastroparesis, urinary retention and neurogenic bladder, weakness, spasms, pain, neurologic impairments with motor coordination and ataxia.  I had to have a tracheostomy to be able to breathe and maintain an open airway during laryngospasms which still occur periodically.  I had a feeding tube placed due to food intolerance and nausea and vomiting. I currently have a G-tube for nutritional needs.  I had a suprapubic catheter implanted in my lower abdomen to be able to drain the bladder as I lost the ability to sense when full and void.  I also recently had a bladder stimulator implanted that stimulates sacral nerves going to the bladder in hopes of regaining normal urinary function, which is still a work in progress. Since June of last year it has been a cycle of ups and downs leading to 5 more hospital stays, 2 additional life flights and I am still battling all of these medical problems.  I currently use a wheelchair for most mobility and can walk with assistance/ crutch for very short distances.  I use supplemental oxygen due to newly developed moderate restrictive lung disease.  I am on 26 daily medications that are merely to manage symptoms and medical conditions and attempt to prevent decline.  I see my primary care, a Pulmonologist, Urologist, ENT/trach surgeon, Gastroenterologist, Nutritionist, Cardiologist, Hematologist, working on finding another Neurologist and this year finally was able to start care under 2 doctors who actually treat patients with post COVID vaccine injury.  Dr. Pierre Kory and Dr. Henry Ealy have helped direct my care and have sought out interventions to help treat the source of all the problems in hopes of finding improvement or even reversal of this current storm of medical events, while the other specialists have helped to manage current impairments and create adaptations to deal with problems.  

I went from working full time as a Physical Therapist to now being unable to work since Feb 2021.  I went from working out, running the random 5k, staying active with my kids and attending their multitude of school activities and sporting events, to now barely being able to find enough energy to make them meals and perform basic self need tasks without getting short of breath and exhausted requiring multiple rest breaks.  

I have tried multiple drugs, treatments, and even alternative treatments that I could afford, however even with improvements at times, I have been unable to maintain gains and progress with further healing.  It has been a constant cycle of one step forward and two steps back.  I am desperately seeking help and treatment that can provide me with healing and maybe even offer recovery.  Recently I have been advised of a neurologist in New York seeing post COVID vaccine injured and performing evaluation and testing to help find more accurate diagnoses that have given patients the ability to qualify for life altering treatments that insurance companies will pay for given they now have a diagnosis, which most neurologists are unwilling to do and write ou off after they hear post vaccine injury.  I have also been advised that there is a more aggressive daily clinic based treatment regimen available in a different state that would offer a combination style treatment that is one of the best founded combo treatments available right now for vaccine injured.  Having been recommended by my doctor and finding out about these options I have been given hope that maybe there is a source of treatment and help that I have not accessed that can help me.  However the problem is both of these are out of pocket pay only, as insurance will not cover.  One is $10k and the other is around $6, and that doesn’t even include the travel and lodging expenses.

I can barely afford to pay my regular bills and pay for medicines, medical supplies, and take care of my kids and normal expenses that arise day to day.  I have gone through all my savings as I have been unable to work for the past 20 months.  I am at a loss of what to do.  I know there is no price tag you can put on your health, but I also know when you are living with the avoiding overdraft charges, debt collectors and barely squeezing out enough to pay bills and expenses with kids and current medical supplies and care, there is no way possible to pull this funding off to receive this care plan , no matter how promising it may sound.

I have sat, brainstormed, prayed and searched for ways to raise money to find the means to achieve funding.  I had even started a lifefunder account back at the beginning of this year on a smaller scale and was not as successful as I hoped for raising money to pay for past small medical bills.  So now with this new goal of raising a large amount, I feel that I need help. 

I need help and to be specific I need financial help.  This is not something I do lightly and ask.  I have tried every other route I can as I hate to ask for support in funds, but I am now desperate as I have met a wall on which the other side could mean some form of healing and recovery, and I will do anything to climb that wall for myself and my children.  I understand if you are unable to help financially, and if you can’t could you please help me in another way.  Could you please share my story and lifefunder link through your social media posts and with fellow friends and patrons who maybe able to help/ donate.  Only through the help of you all and sharing can I even hope to reach an audience large enough in hopes to find enough willing to donate to reach the amount needed.  I cannot express how much your support would mean to me in helping obtain these treatments.  It bothers me to even have to ask but I am desperate to regain a life I have lost and be able to be there for my kids in ways I have not been able to and for that I put pride aside and among being a voice for others, I need to be a strong voice for my own needs at this time.  Please consider giving if able and if not send prayers and please share.  Thank you!

My info for my lifefunder account is below along with other links to my updates pages, my stories shared and some of my speeches made to bring awareness on a larger scale and share my story as platforms allow without censorship.

LifeFunder Account to Donate:  Nikki's Battle Against Vax Injury, Henry - Tennessee | LifeFunder

Some of my past updates and sharing my story and podcasts/interviews, links below:

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