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Help us produce Incorruptible, Sr Wilhelmina's film


38% funded

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Incorruptible Movie

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Incorruptible Movie

Incorruptible - the life & faith of Sister Wilhelmina - coming soon! From producer Royce Hood (Sing a Little Louder, Apparition Hill, Where There is Darkness, Fulton's Song) comes the incredibly powerful film, Incorruptible. Learn more at

Category: Persecuted Christians

Start Date: September 13, 2023

Will you help us?

Help us to produce a feature-length docudrama inspired by the life, faith and devotion of Sister Wilhelmina!

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The Film: Incorruptible is in production and will be a feature-length docudrama released in theaters before heading to streaming, download and DVD.  The film will also feature beautiful music by the Benedictine's of Mary, Queen of the Apostles. The goal of Incorruptible is to produce a cinematic experience that leaves spectators inspired to become incorruptible.  

Urgency:  The Benedictine's of Mary, Queen of the Apostles, observe and practice the ancient traditions of the Church.  Our broken world desperately needs the inspiration.  Help us to share Incorruptible with the world! 

What we need:  We need an estimated $375,000 to finish the production of Incorruptible.  This amount will helps us to fund filming, editing, writing and a few important narrative scenes (reenactment).  We are creating more than just a documentary.  This film will include a number of dramatizations and important scenes depicting key moments in Sister Wilhelmina's life.  We are producing a feature-length film that will be released in theaters.  The more money we can raise the more scenes we can produce to include in the documentary.  The goal is to create a visually beautiful experience that inspires the next generation of incorruptibles!  

The team:
- Royce HoodExecutive Producer and Director  (Sing a Little  Louder, Apparition Hill, Where There is Darkness, Fulton's Song);  -The Benedictines of Mary, Queen of the Apostles, Executive Producer(s);
- Dominic Ismert, Executive Producer;
- The Sullivans, Executive Producer(s);
- Lisa Ann Wheeler, Contributing Producer, Carmel Communications
- Michael McGlinn, Producer/Cinematography/Editor, Sistine Films (KC, MO); 
- Sammy Mangieri, Producer/Cinematography (Illinois), Fiat Films;
- Tim Moriarty, Contributing Producer and Advisor, Castletown Media (NY);
- David Naglieri, Contributing Producer and Advisor; 
- Michael Orosz-Fagen; Cameraman;

Perks:  Everyone who donates, no matter the amount, will receive an advance invitation to an exclusive on-line and in-person screening (subject to capacity).  All contributions will also be recognized on the exclusive website for the movie.  

Would you like to be listed as an Executive Producer or Producer?   Certain donation amounts qualify.  Contact Royce Hood with any questions.  

For the Sisters: Proceeds from the Film will benefit the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of the Apostles.  Incorruptible is being produced with their blessing and in association with their community.  

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Incorruptible is an augural project sponsored by the Catholic Film Foundation, a fund designed to develop, produce and promote catholic films of the highest quality with an aim to inspire culture.  Learn more about CFF by visiting 

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