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Jabbed Jenny


74% funded

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Jenny Porter

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John Davidson

Founder of MagicFeathers.org and host/EP of BrokenTruth.com

Category: Persecuted Christians

Start Date: June 26, 2022

Jenny's interview can be seen here:

Jenny Porter Interview

Jenny Porter is a Southern California mom. In August 2021 Jenny did her part and trusted the government's statements about the vaccine. A few days after her Pfizer vaccine Jenny got sick and learned that everything the FDA, Pfizer and the news said about the vaccine's safety was a lie. For 11 months now Jenny has had limited ability to walk and has lost everything. She is currently living in a homeless shelter while being disabled and striving to get well.


Jenny has been further victimized by a government that provides Pfizer and other vaccine manufactures with immunity from liability, a medical industry that will not recognize the hundreds of thousands of serious injuries caused by the COVID-19 vaccines, and the social services agencies who reject her doctor’s repeated affirmation that she is indeed severely disabled from the shot, denying her financial support.


Her friends admire her beauty, tenacity, energy, positivity, and faith in Jesus Christ. Her generous pro-bono chiropractor Dr. Sean Rundle states, Jenny is “a fighter and is not giving up. Even when she has been at her deepest and darkest moments, she still seems a to find a way to find the positive and continue to keep her head up and move forward.”


While Jenny is making progress, kinesiologist Chuck Pechin, who is also providing her with free treatment, says “She’s got a long way to go to get her insides fixed,” and “nothing like this should happen to anybody in the United States. It’s just terrible.”


Close friend Brenda Maingot summarizes that Jenny is “the all-American girl who did what was right, and she lost everything.”


Funds from this Lifefunder will be used to secure housing for Jenny as well as provide support for co-pays and medical procedures, supplements, medicines, and other necessities.


Revealing her faith and positive nature, Jenny spiritually reflected “God has a plan for my life, and it requires me to see that no matter what, He’s there.  And He’s going to take care of me,” she said.


When systems of support break down, it’s incumbent upon Christians and others of good will to stand in solidarity and protect one another.  Please be as generous as you can in assisting Jenny Porter during this difficult time, when societal institutions—which exist to provide such protections—will not.


For more information, please see the LifeSiteNews article below and Jenny’s interview with John Davidson on BrokenTruth.com. 


'She lost everything': California mom severely disabled after Pfizer shot now homeless, LifeSiteNews, July 20, 2022.

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