Kirsten MacDonald family, ALS

Bracebridge, Ontario


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Kirsten MacDonald family, ALS


100% funded

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David MacDonald

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David MacDonald

Kirsten has ALS. We are collecting donations to support the cost of her care.

Category: Pro-Life

Start Date: May 15, 2023

Here is a faithful prolife family. For many years David wrote and sang the theme song at the Canadian National March for Life. For the last 2 years Kirsten has had ALS, Lou Gehrig's disease. She has lost all control of her muscles in her arms, legs, voice, swallowing, and now her chest muscles are making breathing difficult.

They've been managing it for 2 years. The health care system in Canada is unable to provide them with a level of care that is sustainable and so David has had to put his business on pilot light, and has been turning down clients to take care of Kirsten and their 7 year old home schooled daughter. They've also had to hire private help so as not to burn out on the 24 hour care that is required. 

To read newsletters which come out quarterly, see this website.

Their website is 

Here is the LifeSite show

David and his daughter wrote and recorded this song for Kirsten

A Jeweled Sword

I climb up on your wheelchair
Kiss your cheek and brush your hair
Mommy it's even hard for you to breathe this air

I read you stories of the saints of old
The greatest stories ever told
Mommy I think you're the greatest saint I know

You're a miracle, I'm a miracle
I love you with all my heart

You soar, like an eagle in the spirit
You roar, like the lion of Judah
You're a jeweled sword
In the hand of the Lord

You're grateful for every breath you breathe
To have me sitting on your knee
So many people praying you will be set free

We've seen miracle, upon miracle
We pray there's more to come

In Heaven the battle was raging
Michael cast down satan
Down here on earth you're a sword in this fight
The victory belongs with the children of light

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