Help bishop feed widows, orphans & displaced Christians.

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Help bishop feed widows, orphans & displaced Christians.


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Bishop Oliver Doeme Dashe

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Category: Persecuted Christians

Start Date: October 3, 2022

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Bishop Oliver Doeme is one of the bravest shepherds on earth.

Every day he and his priests risk their lives to care for persecuted Christians in Maiduguri Diocese, in the northeast of Nigeria.

The infamous Boko Haram have established their headquarters in his diocese, destroying over 26 parishes and displacing over one million people. 

Most Christians are farmers and traders who now rely on the Church because they have been neglected by the government. 

Bishop Oliver must care for over ten thousand widows and orphaned children due to the evil activities of Boko Haram, and so we ask you to assist him in helping to clothe, feed and provide vital medicines for these people. 

To make matters even worse, many farms and houses have been destroyed by floods this year, leaving many people in despair. 

The diocese extends aid to all peoples - Christians, Muslims and even pagans - all of whom were created by God. 

We appreciate any support you can provide Bishop Oliver with.

**LifeSiteNews has arranged for the money to be collected through an Irish bank by Fr. Innocent Sunu, a priest of Bishop Oliver's diocese who was supported last year on** 

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