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ProLife Europe e.V.

Our vision is to build a culture of life all over Europe. How? By shifting the world view, where opinions are formed - at universities. We equip students, regardless of religious beliefs and political opinions, with the necessary tools to defend life at there universities and schools. Step by step, abortion will become unthinkable!

Category: Pro-Life

Start Date: May 23, 2022

Europe often leads culture, thought, and politics worldwide. Sadly, Europe also leads with some of the most extreme laws on abortion and euthanasia. In the Netherlands f.e., babies up to one year old with severe medical conditions (such as cancer, neurological diseases, epilepsy, cardiac and muscle disorders, and other birth defects such as spina bifida) are legally euthanized. In Belgium, kids with cancer can choose to ask for euthanasia.


There is good news: young Europeans (18-34) are the most pro-life generation, those born before 1942. According to the European Values Study (2017), 22% never justify abortion or euthanasia!


Though more and more young people are recognizing the value of human rights for all, four in five (78 percent) justify abortion and euthanasia, in some or all cases.


And pro-life students are afraid to speak up. Girls in pregnancy crisis don’t know where to turn. Most countries don’t even have any university pro-life groups.


That’s why, two years ago, a group of young people from around the world came together to change this. ProLife Europe was born. Within the first two years, ProLife Europe started 35 student groups in 10 countries and trained hundreds of students how to change hearts and save lives. These students are changing the culture at their universities, in their cities, and countries through social media and pro-life events on the streets.


It’s great news. But with a population of 445 million in Europe, there is much still to be done!


Young people are those targeted by the abortion industry, but also those most likely to change their heart and recognize the value of life, and those will be our world’s future leaders. To create a world without abortion, we need young pro-life leaders in Europe who will raise their voice for those without a voice.


Will you partner with European youth to create a world without abortion? Your gift will make it possible to engage and equip pro-life students who will multiply the message of life across the world! 

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