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Stand with the Roman Catholic Faithful!!


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Roman Catholic Faithful

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Start Date: March 24, 2021

Fighting corruption in the Catholic hierarchy has resulted in a very expensive lawsuit for the Roman Catholic Faithful, an organization committed to the exposure and removal of corrupt clergy in the Church.  

Roman Catholic Faithful is an organization created in 1996, borne out of concern and frustration due to sacrileges and abuse in the Church.  

Since its inception, RCF’s fearless efforts resulted in the removal of a number of priests and two bishops long before the clerical pedophile scandal was exposed by the Boston Globe. They have also been responsible for exposing and removing many other dangerous clergy.  

RCF, committed to the protection and safety of victims and those at risk, has grown to an organization that now operates on a worldwide scale. 

Since 2019, RCF has been fighting a lawsuit filed by a California priest. The costs of this litigation have been immense, with Stephen Brady, RCF’s founder, having to mortgage his home in the process.  

With limited personal income, the organization is stretched thin.  

RCF is fighting for a good and holy Church, and they need your help.  

RCF operates on a shoestring budget with no salaried employees. Nearly every dollar raised by your tax-deductible donations is used for legal, communications and investigative expenses.  

For more information on the Roman Catholic Faithful, please visit their site at

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