A boarding school and farm for boys - Saint Andrew's Academy

Whitesburg, Kentucky


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A boarding school and farm for boys - Saint Andrew's Academy


17% funded

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Saint Andrew's Academy

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Category: Freedom

Start Date: June 16, 2023

Saint Andrew’s Academy is a new Traditional Catholic boarding school for high-school boys. The academy aims to cultivate a genuine and masculine love for the true, good and beautiful in the hearts of her students, realizing, as John Senior writes, “the rich potential of their age, which is to know and love the Maker and the things He made with their whole heart, strength and soul as boys.”


Above all else, the world needs men who love what is lovable, and despise what is despicable – in many ways the future of the church, our country, and our families depend on men who are firmly convinced of the truth, and who understand, love and are willing to sacrifice for the good, true, and beautiful.


In addition to studying traditional subjects such as Literature, History, Music, Religion, and Mathematics, the students will also participate in the operation of a small farm and practice traditional trades such as woodworking, leather-crafting, and blacksmithing.


The way of life at Saint Andrew’s will offer boys many powerful experiences of the good – experiences that foster a rightly formed imagination and give context and meaning to study. The boys will sing Compline together every evening, memorize and sing sacred and folk music, attend and serve the Traditional Latin Mass, go hiking, camping and boating, celebrate feasts with school banquets, Christmas carol in nearby cities, have real responsibility, and learn how to roll up their sleeves for some good hard work.

We pray that Saint Andrew’s will be a bulwark of sanity in in opposition to the increasing Godlessness, materialism, and woke madness of modern society – a place where young men will be nourished by regular contact with beautiful traditional liturgy, vibrant and true friendship, good music, compelling academics, hard work, and an ordered life free from the toxic influences of technology, social media, and popular culture.

We have been given use of a large building and property in rural Kentucky, a faculty of friends have rallied around our mission, freshmen applications are coming in, and we look forward to beginning our first academic year this coming September with a class of 12 young men. Following a long and illustrious tradition in Catholic initiatives, we too are setting out with very few funds and a very great dependence on the unforeseen workings of Providence.
Establishing our trades programs and farm, purchasing textbooks, paying faculty, furnishing the building, and realizing our goal to accept students from any economic background depends on the success of our fundraising efforts. We have students arriving in September, and we still need to raise $200,000. This campaign will significantly help us reach our goal.


We are seeking pioneering souls, fellow founders who understand the importance of wholistic, Catholic education. would you be willing support the founding of Saint Andrew’s Academy?

Please pray for the success of our endeavor, and may God reward your generosity!

*Saint Andrew's Academy, INC is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; EIN 92-2723577.

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