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Category: Persecuted Christians

Start Date: February 23, 2024

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Sanctus Ranch Responds to Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller’s False and Defamatory Allegations about Private Retreat Center

Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller’s “prohibition” of January 30, 2024, barring Catholic entities from contracting with Sanctus Ranch, a private entity and retreat center located in Pipe Creek, Texas, and urging Christian faithful from attending “any of its activities”, if intentional, constitutes an egregious exercise in abuse of ecclesiastical power on the part of a sitting Archbishop of the Catholic Church.

In an attempt to crush a retreat center and private micro-school that has opened its doors to priests that offer the Traditional Latin Mass, the Archbishop is crushing a family that has given everything to serve the faithful and bring people to Jesus Christ.

By cancelling ALL CATHOLIC retreats, this persecution has resulted in a $40 - $60k monthly loss in revenue. Our organization needs help to survive and funds to pursue legal action against this unjust defamation. 

Your donation will allow our organization to survive and make payroll for the PRIESTS and FAMILIES involved.

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