Help Sr. Miriam address poverty in Kenya

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Help Sr. Miriam address poverty in Kenya


76% funded

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Sr. Miriam Duggan

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Category: Pro-Family

Start Date: May 2, 2022

Sr. Miriam is actively rehabilitating and empowering young people who are idle in the slums of Nairobi. They are often unable to get employment, but thanks to Sr. Miriam and her team are given the skills needed to find meaningful work as a way out of chronic poverty.

This is done through life-skills training, faith development, character formation, behaviour changes and empowerment into vocational skill training so that they are employable.

There are job opportunities for people with technical training who otherwise might continue living in idleness and hopelessness.

In the slum areas, an average of 75% of young people are unemployed and without income. Even those who have some employment are in casual labour on the streets with no permanency.

Of the 1,000 young people Sr. Miriam worked with in the past five years, 89% are now in employment and finding a way out of poverty.

The money raised on this page will be used to sponsor more youth into technical colleges and to assist them with finding employment afterwards.

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