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Help David Spread Faith France & Ireland


43% funded

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David Cyr

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Category: Pro-Life

Start Date: May 24, 2022

Please Help Send Me to Ireland and France This Summer for Two Months of Prayer, Public Witness, Reparation and Education of Catholic Values!!

I am 17 and was raised in an active pro-life Catholic family, participating in prayer and action for God since I was in the womb. I just finished my third year at an amazing Catholic men's academy in Pennsylvania where we are learning to be active Catholics in the culture and in spiritual warfare. God and Mary willing, I'm on a lifelong path of serving Jesus and Mary as a lay crusader with TFP / America Needs Fatima fighting in defense of the Church's teaching in society.
In a time when the world is upside down, it's necessary for us Catholics to do everything possible to turn our society back toward God. This summer, I will be going to Ireland and France to defend traditional values, and to combat the war which the progressives have waged against God and all right morals. I'll be going with the TFP* to travel through these countries on “caravan”, to hold street campaigns of public witness and prayer -- and do apostolate with the locals. I will also be helping with camps to educate the youth about Catholic history, and to enlighten them about the imminent crisis in our day. There they will also grow in their devotion to Our Lord, and the Blessed Virgin Mary. This quest, to help bring these formerly very Catholic countries back to God, is what I will be doing with my summer. It will take place from July 1 to August 24.

Will you please help me turn society back to God? The costs for my flights to France, Ireland and back home, in addition to expenses for four camps, will be just over $2,200.