A NEW Home for Mother Miriam in Tyler, TX!

Tyler, Texas


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A NEW Home for Mother Miriam in Tyler, TX!


40% funded

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Category: Religious Liberty

Start Date: April 27, 2023

We thank God for you, Beloved, for your generosity and blessed partnership in the Gospel. 

Currently, we are living in two double-wide trailers on leased land. 

We have an almost unbelievable opportunity to purchase a $3 million dollar property for $1.2 million! 

It has 50 acres and 3 large structures which, together, will serve as our new monastery. 

The present owners truly wish us to have it, but need proof of our ability to purchase it within 5 days!! 

We do not need the actual funds until June 23, only the promise of donations that will total the $1.2 million. 

We have raised $500,000 thus far and need an additional $700,000! 

May Our Lord reward you for any amount you are able to give. And, of course, all gifts are tax deductible. 

We are excited about this opportunity - yet only if it is Our Lord's will! 

Our gratitude, love and daily prayers for you and for your loved ones, Mother Miriam.

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