City Council tries to Gag Parents

Birmingham, West Midlands


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City Council tries to Gag Parents


3% funded

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Amir Ahmed

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Amir Ahmed

Campaigner for the preservation of traditional family values in education for people in Britain and around the world. I have lived in England for half a century not realising the encroachment of cultural Marxism into our family lives and the erosion of marriage, chastity and fidelity. It is by procreation that mankind survives.

Category: Education & Research

Start Date: October 14, 2019

Council attempts to Silence Parents and stop them Speaking the Truth. Do not let us be silenced, if Birmingham City Council succeed they will silence everyone city wide. There are over 60,000 children in Birmingham who will suffer the disadvantage of being sexualised too early in life on sexual relationships. For many it will be traumatic as it runs against their conscience and family norms, they will feel ashamed by the school they trusted. URGENT donations needed Please collect donations for us. Call me or text if you can help in anyway. Amir Ahmed, Shakeel Afsar Birmingham Parent Forum Family Parent Forum Ltd 46a Edgbaston Road Birmingham B12 9PB 07535106417.

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