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76% funded

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Zachary King

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Category: Pro-Life

Start Date: November 30, 2022

Start date: December 5, 2022

PLEASE NOTE: All Saints Ministries relies on providence and generous donations to do the work of the Blessed Mother. The money raised here has already been spent as operation expenses total about $4200 a month.

 Thank you so much for your generosity in helping to promote life and end abortion. You and your family will be rewarded for your donation by being enrolled in Perpetual Mass Association of the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius and thus receive ongoing graces of protection, blessing, conversion, and salvation!

My name is Zachary King and I am an ex-Satanist. I own and run All Saints Ministry which works to educate people how to successfully close down abortion mills and how to protect yourself and your family from the dangers of the occult. My book Abortion Is A Satanic Sacrifice goes into detail on this subject. My unique past experiences has shown me the direct link between abortion and Satanism and if people aren’t given the tools to know how to discern and combat these evils they will grow without challenge and countless people will continue to suffer.  The need to combat these evils isn’t going away. In fact, it’s growing at an alarming rate! 

Year after year the rise in occult activity grows and continues to destroy peoples lives. Witchcraft, Satanism, New Age, Paganism, and general occultism is being sold and bought as something “harmless and good”. But it’s anything but good. It’s destructive and claims many victims by tearing families apart, misleading children, and ultimately luring people down a path towards destruction. All of it is from Satan. My experience as an ex-High Wizard Satanist turned Catholic gives me a unique understanding of how abortion fuels Satanism, how demonic attacks work, where they come from, and how to stop them. It’s a hard truth to hear but, in every time zone, there are Satanists that offer up all the abortions of that day to Satan. This is a curse. Abortion is considered a “sacred Satanic religious rite”. They’ve come out and said this. I’m currently working with a team of wonderful volunteers and priests to organize Masses to be said in every time zone, daily, worldwide, to break these curses. Please pray for us. This is a big endeavor. 

We respond to hundreds of emails a week from those who are quite desperate to escape the bondage of the occult or the spiritual attacks they experience. Sometimes these demonic doors have been opened because of an abortion, owning a cursed object, personal activity in the occult, and/or family in the occult. We can help! 

All Saints Ministry combats these evils by:

  1. Teaching the faithful on how to successfully close down abortion mills
  2. Educating families on how to protect themselves from demonic attacks and the threat of occultism
  3. Helping those with a past in abortion or the occult close doors for good
  4. Engaging the secular world on these topics and spreading seeds of Truth. 
  5. Work with priests to combat Satanism worldwide.
  6. Produce videos, books, articles, newsletters, and other content highlighting important topics. Soon I will be making podcasts as well. Also working on another book production. 

In order for me to keep my important ministry running, I need to be able to continue to pay reoccurring costs as well as keep my ministry manager. I’m blind and in a wheelchair and need help with all aspects of running a ministry. Every amount raised will go directly to running the ministry. Please consider donating! I can’t do this work without your help! 

>>>To order my book Abortion Is A Satanic Sacrifice:

>>>To sign up for monthly newsletters, email me at:

>>>To donate another way or to become a Monthly Donor:

PAYPAL:   @allsaintscatholicmin

VENMO:   802-578-6554   OR   @Zachary-King-50

May God bless you all and reward you for your generosity! Every donor will be put in perpetual Latin Masses as my way of saying thank you. 

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