Rescue Christians and vulnerable from the Taliban

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Rescue Christians and vulnerable from the Taliban


43% funded


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Category: Persecuted Christians

Start Date: August 28, 2021

UPDATE (10/18): Success!

100% of our original list have now been successfully evacuated from Afghanistan. Thank you for making this possible.

There are still 350 other people who need help, so we will continue working for them until they are safely extracted.

We are also actively fundraising for visas for Afghan Christians to relocate to Brazil. Please spread the word - we need another $98,000 to pay their way to a new life in South America.  

God bless you all,

UPDATE (10/04): 
"It's been unbelievable" - Jason thanks donors & LifeSiteNews

UPDATE (9/22): 
23 just got out of Afghanistan!

As of right now we have 75 on our priority evacuation list as they are all likely on the Taliban's "list."

And recently, we just helped 23 of those 75 escape. Today or tomorrow, another 7 should make it to safety, if all goes according to plan.

While our government has left many allies in Afghanistan who we know will be targeted by the Taliban for torture and execution, we have not. And because of your on-going support and prayers, we continue to help those most in need flee.

Thank you for the vulnerable lives you are helping us save.

"Remember your friends and the friends of your fathers." Proverbs 27:10
UPDATE (9/15): Jason Jones talks to EWTN about the latest from Afghanistan: 

After the catastrophic takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban, movie producer Jason Jones is energetically working with members of congress, private contractors and governments around the world to evacuate persecuted Christians and our vulnerable friends out of Afghanistan. 

The family that recorded the audio in the video below are on the manifest list that Jones hopes he can fly to safety, but it means his organisation, the Vulnerable People Project, is now trying to pay for a special plane and pilot to take up the mission.  

“Just yesterday my fingers stopped shaking because we were hopeful,” Jones explained about the upcoming flights.  

“...[W]e couldn’t say it publicly, but we’d been working with a foreign ally and with people in that government that we trust...we knew that we would be getting humanitarian flights in again in a couple of days, which we will be doing...and so I felt just a profound sense of relief.” 

Jones thanked LifeSiteNews and everyone who has donated for making it possible for him to hire translators, experts from the region and other people to work through the list of those who need help. 

“...[O]nce we clear our list, we’re not stopping of course - we’re going to work with other organisations to help them get everyone on their list home.” 

LifeSiteNews has decided to redouble its own efforts to ensure the 600 escape, with Jones’ LifeFunder campaign now raised to $750,000 as he attempts to pay for this rescue mission. 

Click "Donate Now" to help rescue persecuted Christians and vulnerable friends and allies from Afghanistan.

"There are Christians in Afghanistan still, there are Christians in Kabul, there are Christians that are being emailed and told to go to the airport, but when they get there, they are turned away," Jones stated in a recent interview.  

As reported by, some Islamic countries are more eager to accept Christians from Afghanistan than our own.

Help us to rescue our fellow Americans, Afghan partners, and Afghan Christians who RIGHT NOW are being hunted down by the Taliban in Afghanistan.


We have formed a group of highly specialized individuals to do this, at great risks to themselves.

But we cannot hope to have any success in our mission without your generous support.

So please, give what you can as we all do our part to save these precious lives, restore our nation’s honor among our friends in Afghanistan, and safeguard the future of our homeland.

Together, let’s make sure that one day our children, our grandchildren, and the families of our loyal friends in Afghanistan can once again live in peace.

“Jason Jones, a film producer, author, and podcaster who runs a non- profit humanitarian organization called The Vulnerable People Project, said he has been working to refer the names of those desperate to escape to the office of U.S. Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.), which is working to get those individuals on U.S. government lists of qualified evacuees.
“Kabul is falling apart and our people are panicking,” Jones said in an email to CNA. “The next 72 hours are going to be very dark. Kabul has descended into chaos and confusion and our citizens and friends are collapsing into despair. 

Your donation today will be working on the ground in Afghanistan tomorrow.

The Vulnerable People Project, a project of the Human Rights Education Organization (H.E.R.O.) Inc., is organizing multiple efforts to support the most vulnerable in Afghanistan. Please stand with us as we stand with our friends, brothers, and sisters.

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