Secure homes for our Canceled Priests

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Secure homes for our Canceled Priests


3% funded

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Category: Persecuted Christians

Start Date: July 7, 2022


The cancel culture has reached the Church. It is real. Now, it is imperative that we pray for and support the priests, bishops, and religious who have fallen victim.

The specific goal of this campaign is to raise enough funds to secure properties around the globe for unjustly canceled, holy priests who have been fully vetted and are supported by the Coalition For Canceled Priests.  While the initial goal was to purchase a property for canceled priests in the USA, the demand and need has grown.  We are being asked to support priests in every continent and need to help however we can.

These residences would give canceled priests a safe place to live as they appeal their cancelations to Rome, which usually takes years; and, it would allow them to grow in their vocation while living with brother priests.  

Ever mindful of the Good Samaritan who bound the wounds and provided shelter for the robbers’ victim, we are moved to minister to our persecuted priests by providing them with shelter - a refuge to recharge spiritually, physically and emotionally until they can return to active ministry.  We recognize that priests are called to live in fraternity, not alone or with friends or family.  It is an important aspect in ensuring a priest can grown in holiness as he brings the Sacraments to the faithful.

Not only would an appropriate property serve as a home for canceled priests, but also as a retreat center for Catholic laity.  Our hope is to find a place of prayer and pilgrimage that is easily accessible from far away, a site that would be appreciated as a sacred piece of our Catholic heritage and preserved for generations to come.

Please help us reach our $1M goal to secure a property by offering your prayers and a monetary donation. 

Your support is greatly needed and sincerely appreciated.  GOD LOVE YOU!

For more information, please visit or email

For more information on Canceled Priests and our Coalition, please see the interview between Father Lovell and John-Henry Westen.

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