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O'Kane Family


24% funded

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O'Kane Family

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Category: Censorship/Discrimination

Start Date: April 26, 2024

I am a single mom raising 5 children. I teach my children to be strong in their beliefs and brave in the defense of those beliefs. I teach them that Christians values are being met with great resistance but that they need to always stand up and be a loud voice for those without a voice, or those afraid to use their voice. Everyone needs a leader. 

My children are being forced into silence and forbidden to express their Catholic religious beliefs at their school. My 16-year old son was suspended for wearing 'There are only two genders' shirt. He has been accused of hate speech and of violating human rights. My 13-year old son was suspended for wearing a 'There are only two genders' piece of paper taped to his chest, in solidarity with his brother, and also accused of hate speech. Both have been told "their opinions need to be kept inside their head." They have been told they are creating a dangerous environment for others. Numerous students have stood up in agreement with my children and these students have been threatened with suspension and accused of being homophobic. 

Children's Aid Society was called on my family and the school staff made false accusations of danger and harm perpetrated against my children and tried to keep my 13 year old at the school. They told Children's Aid that my son was in danger of coming home. When Children's Aid called the school and spoke to my son, my son told them that was false and he was in no danger and not afraid. After Children's Aid conducted interviews with my children and myself and did their house visit, they concluded the children are in no danger and have a good home. 

My 16-year old son is being offered re-education through the Limestone District School Board to correct the behavior that got them suspended. My children are being told, upon re-entry to the school after their suspensions, that they are not allowed to wear that clothing, say those statements and if they feel this way "keep it behind closed doors". 

Christian conservatives are under attack for their values and beliefs.The adults are going after our children in our schools and they're not hiding it anymore. In their attempt to create "safe spaces" for LGBTQ students they are silencing and removing Christian conservative that disagree and oppose those views. Adults are bullying and oppressing children in the name of human rights.

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