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Unthinkable - An Abby Johnson Film


13% funded

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Category: Pro-Family

Start Date: April 7, 2022


UNTHINKABLE- an Abby Johnson Film by Mighty Motion Pictures

Dear Friends,

Most of you know my story from reading my book or watching the movie, Unplanned. What you might not know is how completely alone I felt, wondering if anyone else who had ever worked in the abortion industry shared the same experiences, or dared to speak up about it.

I didn’t have to wait long after quitting my job as the director of a Planned Parenthood facility to find out.

After my employment history became very public when Planned Parenthood sued me, I was asked to speak about what I witnessed in those eight years that I spent advocating for the organization and for abortion. The more I spoke, the more I heard from other abortion industry workers who saw, felt, and did everything I had done.

Now, ten years after founding a ministry to create an exit avenue for abortion workers, I stand with 640 other Quitters of the abortion industry who are on the same mission as I am.

We want to make abortion UNTHINKABLE.

For years, we were told our actions were unspeakable—too horrific to share with the public. We were told they were unforgivable. 

But we know the truth.

We know every dirty secret held by the abortion industry so that innocent lives can continue to be sacrificed for profit.  We know that women are being trafficked and their children killed for monetary gain. We know all about financial fraud, the unsanitary conditions abortions are performed, the uncredentialed abortion workers, the abuse of patients, and the neglect to care for babies born alive.

And we are going to tell the world about it.

This fall, we plan to release Unthinkable, a documentary produced by Mighty Motion Pictures. It’s a shocking exposé of the abortion industry in which dozens of former abortion industry workers and doctors provide anecdotal evidence that abortion is neither healthcare nor choice.

Join us in prayer for this project and please consider investing in the film. It needs to be seen in every state. 

Overturning Roe was a victory, but it’s not enough to see an end to the unnecessary slaughter of innocent victims and crimes against women and humanity.

Let’s make it Unthinkable, together.


Psalm 106:1 Praise the Lord for HE IS GOOD! For His mercy endures forever!

We have investment opportunities available if you would like to get involved in this film on a deeper level.

(All donations of $25 or more are eligible for tax receipt)

For more information please contact:

Lisa Barnett (Executive Producer)


(780) 257-3377

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