Help Bill Whatcott defend his "hate crime" acquittal

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Help Bill Whatcott defend his "hate crime" acquittal


47% funded

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Bill Whatcott

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William Whatcott

Imperfect Christian "Saved by grace through faith," Ephesians 2:8,9

Category: Pro-Family

Start Date: October 5, 2021


In June 2016 Bill Whatcott and a half dozen other Christian activists entered the Toronto Homosexual Pride Parade under the guise of being members of The Gay Zombies Cannabis Consumers Association. Bill and his friends entered the parade as "gay zombie cannabis consumers because the parade was not accepting of open Christians, even though the parade is taxpayer subsidized. 

"I have become all things to all people, that by all means I might save some."  1 Corinthians 9:22

During the parade, they handed out about 3,000 small packages made to look like condoms that contained Gospel flyers warning homosexuals of the physical and spiritual dangers related to homosexual sexual practices and sharing the good news that Jesus Christ died for all of humanity, including those who have embraced the homosexual lifestyle.

Bill knew that homosexual activists would be unhappy with his Gospel-centered, church- militant infiltration of their tax funded parade - a parade full of hate speech towards Christians and where open displays of sexual perversion and nudity is rampant. However, Bill never dreamed the homosexual activists would go as far as they have in trying to destroy him, his friends, and his supporters, in an attempt to silence his voice.

In 2016, following the parade, homosexual activists George Smitherman, Christopher Hudspeth and Doug Elliott announced a $104 million dollar class action lawsuit on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, in a bid to financially ruin Bill Whatcott and anyone who helped him in any way to bring the Gospel to the Toronto Homosexual Pride parade. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, former Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and the Liberal party of Canada were among the “victims” named in the lawsuit. After two years of litigation and discovery, the homosexual activists realized that Bill Whatcott did not own anything, that no one with substantial money was supporting him, and that he was never going to reveal the names of his friends, even if he was put in jail for contempt. So, Elliott, Hudspeth, and Smitherman eventually dropped their lawsuit in 2018.

Bill thought that was the end of the retaliation by the LGBT activists for his bringing the Gospel to their parade in 2016. Two years passed by and everyone thought that was the end of the matter. But to Bill’s surprise, in June 2016, one of the last acts of the Ontario Liberal government was to have the Attorney General authorize the laying of the charge of Public Incitement of Hate, contrary to s. 319 of the Criminal Code of Canada, against Bill. It was alleged that Bill’s Gospel flyer that was distributed at the 2016 Toronto Pride Parade by the “Gay Zombie Cannabis Consumers” was hateful against gays.

A Canada-wide warrant for his arrest was issued. When Bill heard about the warrant he voluntarily surrendered to police in Calgary and was brought to Toronto to stand trial for this so-called “hate crime.” After spending four days in jail, being flown to Toronto to attend court and being denied food for over 24 hours, Bill was released on bail. One of the release terms subjected Bill’s Gospel flyer to a publication ban in Canada. One can view the flyer on the Mass Resistance website:

Bill’s case proceeded through the criminal justice system for 3 years. After a number of pre-trial motions, the case was heard in the Superior Court for Ontario in October 2021. Although the case proceeded virtually because of government imposed COVID restrictions, it was well attended by those interested in the issues. On December 10, 2021 the trial judge released his judgment finding Bill not guilty and entering a verdict of acquittal. [Search: R. v. Whatcott 2021 ONSC 8077 at Superior Court of Justice Judgments (].

One would think that, with the end of the trial, the homosexual activists would move on and not continue to lobby the government. Even though Bill lost his job, was the subject of a Canada Wide Arrest warrant, spent four days in jail, and had to raise tens of thousands of dollars to defend himself, and languished for years under bail conditions that restricted his travel and ability to get many types of jobs; the homosexual activists were enraged that he was found not guilty. 

 The previous $104 million lawsuit left Bill with virtually no money to defend himself against the criminal hate crime charge, so he was required to apply to Legal Aid Ontario for assistance. Although there was resistance to his application, Bill eventually received assistance for the initial trial, but Legal Aid Ontario was unwilling to fund Bill's defense for the Attorney General's appeal.

The appeal for  Bill Whatcott to be forced to go through a new trial was heard in the Ontario Court of Appeal on June 21, 2023. The decision released by Justices, Harvison-Young, Sossin and Copeland sided with the Attorney General of Ontario and is ordering Bill to undergo a new trial the main reason being that the Ontario Superior Court judge in 2021 failed to properly consider homosexual activist Nick Mules' "expert" evidence on Bill's flyer's alleged "homophobic tropes" and "microgressions" and the damage the flyer potential caused homosexuals who read it, namely by causing them "minority stress." In addition to being an "expert" for Bill's prosecution, Mr. Mule' wrote seminal works on the need for homosexuals to have safe spaces in public parks to have sex with eachother, the need for homosexuals to be able to do Chrystal Meth when having sex free of police harrassment, and queering social work. The guy is employed as a tenured academic at York University....not kidding.....


This fundraiser was taken offline for a few months as a generous donar gave $10000 to Bill’s lawyer John Rosen to seek leave for appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada. That money is now used up and more money will need to be raised,  whether the Supreme Court of Canada agrees to hear the case or not. If the Supreme Court agrees to hear the case there is an excellent chance this flawed ruling from the Ontario Court of Appeal will be overturned and Bill's acquittal of this highly spurious and malicious hate crime charge will stand. If the Supreme Court rejects the leave to appeal, Bill will have to travel to Ontario and find lodging in the Toronto area again and undergo another lengthy criminal trial (the last one went over a month), with the very real possibility of a criminal conviction this time and the Prosecutor will likely still be asking for a period of incarceration for 18 months as that was what they were seeking the last time.

If God would put it on your heart to help out in defending Bill's acquittal and finding of "Not guilty" before the Supreme Court of Canada we would be grateful.

Galatians 6:2: “Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.”



“I’m [being prosecuted] under the ‘Willful Promotion of Hatred,’” Whatcott told LifeSite on Friday.

“The law itself is terrible, I think it is ambiguous,” he added.


One experienced trial court judge with the Ontario Superior Court, Justice Robert Goldstein, looked at Bill's flyer and concluded no "hate crime" was committed.

Another appeal court judge (who happens to be a Trudeau government appointee), Justice Lorne Sossin (he/him), Lorne is woke and assumes you don't know his gender, looked at the flyer and decided another trial needs to happen as the flyer might be a hate crime.

How can lay people know what is "hate speech" and what isn't when judges can't agree, even when they employ their allegedly "objective" tests?

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