Help Dennis Green get urgent cancer treatment

Powhatan, Virginia


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Help Dennis Green get urgent cancer treatment


49% funded


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Dennis Green

Category: Pro-Life

Start Date: December 10, 2021

This fundraiser was created to help with the unexpected cancer treatment expenses for Dennis Green. 

Denny received the diagnosis of B-Cell Lymphoma over the Thanksgiving weekend. This was following a trip to the ER for symptoms that originally caused Denny and his family concern for heart related issues. 

However, Denny ended up staying four nights in the hospital and received three units of blood and a bone marrow biopsy which later came back with the unexpected news of cancer. 

With this diagnosis, Denny and his family are faced with many upcoming out of pocket and abundant medical expenses as he pursues treatment. 

Denny is 55, and has spent the majority of His life serving others and sharing the Gospel with the least of these. He has been active in pro-life ministry for the past 30 years and has devoted his life to full-time ministry both here and in China. 

Denny is the Father of 13 children, 6 of which are still at home. The plan going forward is for Denny to first pursue natural therapies for the treatment of the cancer at a cancer treatment center in Tijuana. 

If that is not effective they will pursue other treatment options. Denny is eligible to begin treatment and will be away for at least three weeks if not longer. 

Payment for these treatments is expected upfront. On top of all the medical expenses, the family will have no income during the time Denny is absent. 

First, Denny appreciates prayers as he proceeds with treatments which will hopefully put this cancer in remission. 

Secondly, if you feel led to give, it would alleviate much of the financial burden as well as give Denny the best chance at beating this cancer. 

Successful treatment will by God’s grace allow him to spend many more years with his wife, children, and grandchildren.

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