Stop Domincian Rep. from forcing lethal jabs

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Stop Domincian Rep. from forcing lethal jabs


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Category: Freedom

Start Date: October 16, 2021

The Dominican Republic, a pro-life country, is now facing some of the most coercive vaccine mandates in the world. 

Please help Dr. Gene Anthony, an American based in D.R., to halt the mandates coercing all locals aged 12 and over, including pregnant women, to take the experimental, abortion-tainted vaccines.

Vaccination will be mandatory to go to work from Monday 18 October, and they will require proof of vaccination to enter a range of public places, including banks, schools, public transportation, restaurants and shops.

Dr. Gene is especially concerned about the effect of the vaccine mandates on pregnant women, who will be forced to risk miscarriage by taking the jab in order to continue working or going about their normal lives. 

The country has held out for decades in resisting attacks on the unborn, but now abortion-tainted jabs are threatening the lives of babies in the womb, and the freedoms of the entire country.

Please stand with Dr. Gene and his team as they fight back against this multi-faceted attack on human rights. 

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