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Help keep Dominican Republic PRO-LIFE!


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Category: Pro-Life

Start Date: March 3, 2021

Pro-lifers from around the world must unite to support this valiant cause.

The Dominican Republic is one of only a handful of Catholic nations in the world whose laws still reflect the truth that human life begins at conception and that intentional abortion is never necessary to save a mother's life.

This is why the Dominican Republic has been at the center of the pro-abortion efforts to change the laws of developing nations who still cling to their pro-life laws.

Other, traditionally Catholic nations, like Ireland and Argentina have seen how their protections for the right to life have been shredded by leftists.

But the Dominican Republic has something that, unfortunately, neither Ireland or Argentina had, and that is a very vocal, organized and active clergy, led by the heroic Bishop Víctor Masalles.

The people of the Dominican Republic, who have great pastors, do not want to welcome the scourge of abortion on their island nation.

Make no mistake, abortion is a foreign import to the Dominican Republic and is being pushed by pro-abortion interests closely aligned with the globalist Left.

Will you help the heroic Bishop Masalles, other pastors, and the good people of the Dominican Republic by equipping them to organize a march through the streets of Santo Domingo to the doors of the national congress?

Pro-lifers from around the world must unite to support this valiant cause.

Their resources are very limited, so any donation that you can give will be greatly appreciated by the organizers of the pro-life march in the Dominican Republic.

God bless you and may He give Bishop Masalles and the rest of the pro-life community in the Dominican Republic the strength to keep abortion out of their wonderful island nation.

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