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Felicity's Legal Fund to Get Her Child Returned Safely


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Felicity Legal Fund

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Start Date: March 10, 2023

[UPDATE Dec, 14,2023]

A interim decision has been given in the case, giving a welcomed reprieve. 

(While Pseudonyms have been dropped to put to rest the doubts of some officials, who claimed this case is made up, I will continue to use them on this fundraiser for the benefit of our generous supporters. Simply to prevent confusion about who is who.)


On November 28th Felicity and Mike went before a judge to argue for a more reasonable schedule of custody for Pip. Wanting to limit transporting Pip back and forth between his parents and a confused woman.

Transgender Custody Battle Over Toddler is so Bizarre, that an MP's Office Called the Story False.

On December 8th, an interim schedule until the trial was given, reducing Pip’s time with Robin from 15 days a month to 4 days a month. Relieving the stress that Pip was subjected to.

Felicity Given Sole Decision Making Powers Over Son in Transgender Father Case

While this was a significant win, and affirmation of the claims we have been trying to tell the courts, the court will still be determining whether Robin is a legal parent at a future date, which has not been set yet. If Robin is declared a legal parent, not only will it have devastating affects on Pip’s life and development, but it will redefine what a parent is under the law. Allowing near anyone to claim to be a parent of a child not even related to them.

To date, this battle to have Pip raised by his parents rather than a woman who was little better than a babysitter has cost Felicity and her family $39,322.79, with the upcoming 4 day trial likely being an additional $20,000 to $25,000. Felicity and Mike are living in an apartment paying rent, in a city that they do not wish to live in, but must because Robin created this whole situation, and are doing this on a single family income. This has caused them to accumulate a significant amount of debt, that previously they did not have. Anything you can do to help, is greatly appreciated, and helps defend the family, and the rights of parents throughout Canada to not have this same situation happen to them.

It will most surely happen to others if the definition of a parent is ‘updated’ to include people who have ‘cared’ for a child.

[UPDATE Nov,17,2023]
Felicity and her legal council are in court today. Fighting to keep Pip from having to keep being shuttled to Robin while awaiting the full trial at the end of the month.
Prayers are needed, and with expenses rising dramatically, any assistance you can provide is exceedingly appreciated.

[UPDATE Aug,2,2023 from Felicity's Legal Council]:

Early in 2023, Robin began to withhold Pip from Felicity and deny Felicity the opportunity to see her own child. After months passed without Felicity being able to see Pip, Robin pressured Felicity into signing a hastily drafted shared parenting agreement, without involving legal counsel in the drafting of the document or providing Felicity time to obtain independent legal advice. Desperate to see her child, Felicity signed Robin’s agreement, and she was finally able to see Pip.

Shortly after the two parties began sharing time with Pip, Felicity became worried about her safety and the safety of her son. Robin would allegedly follow Felicity home and harass Felicity incessantly. The situation escalated in severity to the point where neighbours called the police to have Robin banned from the premises. Robin continued to harass Felicity at every opportunity, however, and Felicity became increasingly concerned that Robin would withhold her child once again. Moreover, Felicity noticed abnormalities when Pip would be returned to her, including health issues and other problems that caused her concern. These concerns culminated in her refusing to return Pip to Robin because of health and safety concerns.

Robin retaliated by bringing a court application, alleging that Felicity had violated the shared parenting agreement. Robin was able to temporarily obtain access to Pip through this court proceeding, although no final order has been made, at this point in time. Felicity’s position is that Robin was never Pip’s parent. Robin has no biological connection to Pip, and the intent when Pip was conceived was that Felicity would raise Pip with the biological father, who desires to be involved in the life of his son. It was only through coercion and manipulation that Robin was able to access Pip as a child, and it was only through withholding Pip and engaging in duress that Robin was able to pressure Felicity into signing a shared parenting agreement. Felicity will be presenting this information to the court, supported by the multiple witnesses, and sincerely hopes to be able to regain full custody of her son and raise him with the biological father."


In order to protect the identity of the child at the heart of this case, the real names of the individuals involved have been replaced with pseudonyms.

"Felicity" is a young mother, and she and the biological father of her second child are seeking to have that child returned to them after the child was removed from the mother's care by her former partner, a woman now calling herself a transgender man. 

One of the chief difficulties in the case is that the female former partner, "Robin", is listed erroneously on the birth register as one of the child's parents and the child has Robin's surname. 

The young mother found herself and her eldest child homeless after her youthful marriage broke down. Felicity took refuge in Robin's home after meeting her at her eldest child's day care. 

Robin was very controlling. Felicity eventually entered into a relationship with an old flame, and became pregnant by him. However, she remained under Robin's control and was encouraged to cut off contact with the father. 

Robin, who now identified as a transgender man, was initially upset that Felicity was pregnant but later saw it as advantageous for creating a 'modern' family with Felicity and the baby. She disliked Felicity's eldest child intensely, and Felicity alleges that Robin was abusive to both her eldest child and to her, more so once Robin no longer saw the elder child as necessary for her ideal family.  

After Felicity escaped from Robin's house with her eldest son, she reconnected with her second child's father. Unfortunately, she could leave only by leaving this younger child behind. Robin now controls when Felicity can see the child and doesn't permit the child's real father to see him. Neither the local police nor the children's authorities have been much help. Robin is allegedly now in a sexual relationship with a female member of the local children's aid society. 

The fundraising goal may be adjusted as the case progresses to best reflect the funding needs. Should any funds remain at the end of the litigation, they will be donated to Felicity’s registered charity of choice.


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