Felicity's Legal Fund to Get Her Child Returned Safely

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Felicity's Legal Fund to Get Her Child Returned Safely


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Felicity Legal Fund

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Start Date: March 10, 2023

In order to protect the identity of the child at the heart of this case, the real names of the individuals involved have been replaced with pseudonyms.

"Felicity" is a young mother, and she and the biological father of her second child are seeking to have that child returned to them after the child was removed from the mother's care by her former partner, a woman now calling herself a transgender man. 

One of the chief difficulties in the case is that the female former partner, "Robin", is listed erroneously on the birth register as one of the child's parents and the child has Robin's surname. 

The young mother found herself and her eldest child homeless after her youthful marriage broke down. Felicity took refuge in Robin's home after meeting her at her eldest child's day care. 

Robin was very controlling. Felicity eventually entered into a relationship with an old flame, and became pregnant by him. However, she remained under Robin's control and was encouraged to cut off contact with the father. 

Robin, who now identified as a transgender man, was initially upset that Felicity was pregnant but later saw it as advantageous for creating a 'modern' family with Felicity and the baby. She disliked Felicity's eldest child intensely, and Felicity alleges that Robin was abusive to both her eldest child and to her, more so once Robin no longer saw the elder child as necessary for her ideal family.  

After Felicity escaped from Robin's house with her eldest son, she reconnected with her second child's father. Unfortunately, she could leave only by leaving this younger child behind. Robin now controls when Felicity can see the child and doesn't permit the child's real father to see him. Neither the local police nor the children's authorities have been much help. Robin is allegedly now in a sexual relationship with a female member of the local children's aid society. 

The fundraising goal may be adjusted as the case progresses to best reflect the funding needs. Should any funds remain at the end of the litigation, they will be donated to Felicity’s registered charity of choice.


Young mom and dad need help rescuing 2-year-old son from gender-confused woman - LifeSiteNews

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