Help Gabrielle get vital cancer treatment

Walton, Kentucky


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Help Gabrielle get vital cancer treatment


92% funded

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Gabrielle Schiltz

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Category: Pro-Life

Start Date: January 10, 2022

Thirty one year-old woman diagnosed with Stage Four Cancer.

Just before Christmas, Gabrielle was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. Due to the circumstances, she is unable to work and unfortunately does not have health insurance. 

After spending time in the hospital for diagnostics and care, many bills have accumulated. As her hospital prognosis is very grim, she is seeking more hopeful alternative treatment. 

At thirty one years old and with no family history of colon cancer, the diagnosis was certainly a surprise.

Gabrielle has touched the lives of many people in her thirty one years. After completing highschool at St. Dominic’s in Post Falls, ID, she attended college in St. Marys, KS. 

She pursued her teaching career at private Catholic schools in Upstate NY and Phoenix, AZ for a total of seven years. She then moved back home to Upstate NY where she worked at a Law Firm. 

After some time, Gabrielle decided to follow her passion of sewing which took her to Walton, KY and she works as a seamstress in Cincinnati, OH. A few months after she moved there, she learned of her diagnosis.

Please keep Gabrielle Schiltz in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you & God bless you.

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