My husband died after hospital refused Ivermectin

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My husband died after hospital refused Ivermectin


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Start Date: September 15, 2021

UPDATE (10/07/2021): 

To everyone who has followed the story of my husband's tragic death from Covid and hospital neglect,  I wish to update on where I am in this unbearable season of life.

I am diligently seeking legal counsel, but in the state of Alabama it is very difficult to sue in relation to Covid deaths, even though after receiving his extensive list of medical records, I am finding alarming information that was withheld from me. I was even told that Jurors will make judgement that if he had been vaccinated he would have had a surviving basically they are making decisions without truly knowing the facts..I have learned of many vaccinated individuals who have died in ICU from Covid, but those cases are never reported. We are facing a new form of segregation. Complying is not always the right way.

I am not only appreciative of the monetary donations, but also diligently read the comments and am grateful of the prayers and sound advice given. I am overwhelmed with grief, fear, anger and the unknowns to come.

I'm trying to pick up the pieces while still maintaining normality for my two daughters who I homeschool, while trying to navigate our financial security. 

I feel so convicted to fight for my husband who died unnecessarily. Please pray for my daughters as they are dealing with their own emotional distress and now have to grow up without their father. Please pray for me as I endure this battle. I will continue to fight in memory of my husband and the Godly man he was.

UPDATE (09/17/2021):

It brings me unbearable sadness to let you know that my sweet, kind, hardworking husband passed away on September 17, 2021.

I've never felt so much pain. My heart is breaking into pieces. The joy has been ripped from my life. He was such a joyful man who lived life to the fullest and never met a stranger and would help anyone in need, but was treated so unfairly. 

I'm carrying so much guilt for not feeling like I made the right choices or acted quickly enough. I wish I would have known sooner what to do.

I also have overwhelming anger for the medical system and the doctor who treated my husband and, up to the day he died, still refused to give him the Ivermectin and told me he wasn't going to discuss it.

So now, I'm supposed to know how to move on and raise our teen daughters at such a precious age for a father to be around, while living with overwhelming guilt.

I appreciate the funds given and would like to now use them for financial assistance and to seek further legal help.

Please pray for my daughters and I, as well as his 73 year old grieving father, who also lost his wife in December. We are overwhelmed with grief.

- Melissa


Hi, my name is Melissa and I have never done a fundraiser before, but my heart is aching and I’m desperate for help. I am hoping you can help me and my family. My 43 yo husband Todd is very ill with Covid in the hospital. 

I love him so much … and am feeling very scared and helpless … and sick with worry.  I haven’t hardly slept or eaten for over 10 days. My dear husband is such a sweet, kind, hard working man. He doesn't meet a stranger and would do anything for anyone!
Todd began showing symptoms of Covid on August 30th, tested positive on September 1st, went to the ER on September 5th, and was admitted to the hospital on September 8th. 

Since he was admitted, I was not allowed to see him. On Sunday, September 12th, the respiratory therapist told me Todd was the best patient on the floor. In the middle of the night I was called to come tell him goodbye as they were putting him on the ventilator! What a shock! I feel further devastation, as today, September 14th, the hospital called to tell me Todd’s kidneys are shutting down and they’re putting him on dialysis.

I would like for Todd to receive proven meds such Ivermectin and monoclonal antibodies as many hospitals including Providence Hospital in Mobile, Alabama are now administering. 

But the hospital refuses. I am needing legal help to get the hospital to administer these proven meds to help my husband Todd recover from Covid, but my husband is my only source of income and I don’t have the means to hire an attorney.  

We have attorneys ready to help but need assistance with legal fees.  Here is an article about another family that fought for their relative in this way:

Perhaps our efforts will help the hospital to improve protocols for patients in the future!

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