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Disabled Children Community Needs You


90% funded

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Jesus Menino Community

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Comunidade Jesus Menino

The Community possesses a soul, an identity that only those who live or have contact are able to understand the experience of heaven that is present in this work.

Category: Pro-Life

Start Date: December 17, 2020

A father of 44 disabled children is in dire need of your love and assistance this Christmas and beyond.

LifeSiteNews readers supported Tonio de Mello and his Jesus Menino Community in Brazil last Christmas to the tune of almost $50,000. We are now doing so again this Christmas, hoping to add $61,000 to meet the disabled children's needs in the coming months. 

Tonio and his community are struggling to provide for the disabled children he adopted, many of whom survived failed abortions, because of increasingly difficult economic circumstances in Brazil.

These children have a range of disabilities such as autism and cerebral palsy.

They continue to need the most basic rights: medical care, education and food. Businesses and individuals who used to be able to help the community are no longer able to do so due to the financial decline brought on by the pandemic lockdowns.

Will you consider giving to the least of those among us?

The Jesus Menino Community exists to care for these miracles.

Let's come together to bring them a happy Christmas and a better year ahead.

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For more information on the community, please see articles from LifeSite here and here.

Please watch this video Tonio recorded in March with three of his adopted sons, thanking you for your support to date: 

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