Sponsor a Child Kilimanjaro Climb

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Sponsor a Child Kilimanjaro Climb


90% funded

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Category: Freedom

Start Date: March 28, 2018

It's been my dream to climb Kilimanjaro for the last 8 years! Finally I have the opportunity and resources to do so; apart from testing my physical and mental limits it  is a perfect way for me to call attention to and raise money for a worthy cause/charity i.e.  The Bake for Change /AIPA  Educate the State - Sponsor a Child Programme . 

Since the programme's inception in 2012 , we have worked tirelessly to ensure that the highest performing children in Nigeria from the Lagos State  run Special Correctional centres we work with are able to successfully transition to private schools with higher teaching standards and a better quality education. 

At present we have 10 children that we sponsor, and the progress and immense transformation we have witnessed in them - academically, socially, and psychologically - is simply amazing. We are so grateful to everyone who has made this possible. 

Funding has been a great challenge in the past two years, and with the new school year fast approaching, we would like to appeal to you again and encourage you to give to our cause. Help us raise  USD 12,500 ! You can help us ensure that these kids stay in school,complete their secondary education, and continue on the upward trajectory towards giving them a better life to aspire to. 

The 8 day Kilimanjaro climb planned for 6th of June 2015 and is self-funded, all donations and support from friends and well wishers are welcome and will be donated to The Bake for Change /AIPA Educate the State - Sponsor a Child Programme .

For more info about Bake for Change and the Scholarship please go to  www. facebook.com/bakeforchange

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