My son died after Pfizer jab - help me warn others

Edinburg, Texas


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My son died after Pfizer jab - help me warn others


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Ernest Ramirez

Category: Freedom

Start Date: September 9, 2021

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Watch Ernest address a Federal Panel on Vaccine Mandates & Injuries in Washington D.C. (from 4.50):

UPDATE (11/01/21): 

Thanks to your donations, Ernest Ramirez is now in Washington D.C. He spoke with LifeSiteNews about his son's death and the Vaccine Victims' press conference he will address tomorrow (11/2/21) at the steps of the Supreme Court in Washington D.C.

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Hello, my name is Ernest Ramirez. 

I was a single parent who lost my son a few days after he received the Pfizer vaccine. 

I have told my son's story in Houston, McAllen and at the Capital in Austin. I have also done a couple of news interviews, and now I am trying to raise money to tell my son's story in Washington D.C.

The money raised will be used for myself and my good friend Robert Tooney of Bikers for Christ to travel to D.C. 

I need to spread my story so that hopefully no one else will go through what I'm going through. 

It kills me to come home to an empty house. 

Ernesto Jr was my world and I feel I need to fight for him and others that are suffering.

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