Help students defeat vax mandate at Jesuit College

Douglas County, Nebraska


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Help students defeat vax mandate at Jesuit College


35% funded

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Patrice Quadrel

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Category: Freedom

Start Date: September 14, 2021

UPDATE: A message from Patrice (10/18/2021):

In September, I was forced to withdraw from my last year of Dental School. As a future healthcare practitioner, I have spent countless hours studying the manufacturing, benefits, side effects, and adverse reporting results. 

It was my decision to WAIT. To wait for more evidence, more confirmation that what they are giving to you and your mom and your best friend is SAFE and worth the assumed risk. I am not here to argue about whether or not a person should get it. Rather, I am standing strong in the fact that every person has the RIGHT to decide and that making it required is against my beliefs and the principles America was founded on.

Therefore, I accepted my forced withdrawal from my last year of Dental School, despite planning on graduating in May 2022. I received NO tuition reimbursement even though I was withdrawn halfway through a semester. My school does not accept medical, religious, or personal exemptions. They did not offer an alternative, like wearing a face covering (which we do anyway as dental students) and weekly testing. Lastly, this requirement was unfairly targeted directly at students as there is NO requirement for staff & faculty to get vaccinated--they still have a choice! I can't help but wonder if Creighton has something to gain once "all" students have it. Oh..did I mention Creighton also identifies as a Jesuit university? This decision was not easy but I truly believe this story will become a part of my testimony. My dream is still to become a dentist, but until the time is right, I will be fighting this.

I am pursuing legal litigation against Creighton University. God led me by unfathomable chance (a story for another time) to an amazing attorney who, for the last 30 years, specializes in working with the dentists, physicians, and nurses. While this is untreaded territory for all of us, I have faith that no weapon formed against me will prosper. Prayers are always welcome!

If you know someone interested in supporting this legal battle, please share this LifeFunder donation link with them. LifeFunder is a Christian-based fundraising outlet supporting causes they believe in. They do not take out any additional fees (unlike their fee%). I have aqcuired $300k+ in debt (as most dental students do) so financially I do not have the funds to fight this. However, I am putting my trust in God and know that he will provide

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