Help Vaccine Injured Get Vital Medical Treatment

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Help Vaccine Injured Get Vital Medical Treatment


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Start Date: October 16, 2021

Following a hugely successful press conference in Washington D.C., vaccine victims are now raising money to cover the essential medical treatment that will help so many recover from their serious injuries. 

Brianne Dressen writes: 
All funds will be used to help those who are severely injured from the COVID vaccine get critical medical care that they cannot afford, due to loss of work and thus loss of insurance. Every $ donated will be going to get these severely injured people to doctors that will be able to appropriately evaluate and treat them, getting them finally on the path to healing. The ultimate goal is to help those who are struggling to even exist every day to eventually being able to live again.
We are humbled by the outpouring of support, we implore you to continue to support us by helping us get these thousands of people the help they need. The task at hand is bigger than any one person, but together we can have a major impact on a lot of people and their families. 

UPDATE (11/4/21): More coverage of the Vaccine Victims' rally in Washington D.C., this time from a pilot whose career has been ended by the Pfizer shot: 

UPDATE (11/2/21): 
Vaccine Victims spoke powerfully at an Expert Panel on Federal Vaccine Mandates this morning, and then held a rally at the Supreme Court.

Vaccine victims are hosting a special outdoor rally in Washington DC on November 2nd.

Almost 50,000 people in the US are 
reported to have died shortly after receiving a Covid-19 shot, with many more experiencing serious injuries.

Mainstream media however continue to cover-up the devastating consequences of the injections for hundreds of thousands of people. 

We at therefore want to expose the level of harm these shots have done, bringing our experience to a national stage by holding a rally on the steps of the Supreme Court in Washington DC.

We will gather people from around the country who have either lost loved ones to or been injured by a Covid-19 vaccine, but we need your help to make it happen. 

We need to fly these injured and grieving people, some of them in wheelchairs, to Washington DC, making sure they are accommodated and looked after as we attempt to tell the United States their horrendous stories.

Brianne Dressen was one of the first people to be injured by a Covid-19 vaccine when she took part in AstraZeneca trials last year.

She suffered a severe neurological reaction to the shot, eventually losing power in her limbs as well, to the point where she had to be taught to walk, eat and form sentences again.

Ernest Ramirez lost his only son, 16-year-old Ernesto, to the Pfizer vaccine. 

Many more people will join Brianne and Ernest as they try to warn the country about the risks of injury and death involved in taking a Covid-19 shot. 

Will you please donate today to help these Vaccine Victims tell their stories? 

Together, we can take on the mainstream media, pharmaceutical giants and political elites in bringing to light the harm they're inflicting on innocent people.

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