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Support Science & Ethics in Medicine


2% funded

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Canadian Society for Science and Ethics in Medicine

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Category: Freedom

Start Date: April 25, 2022

cssem banner.jpgWe are a group of doctors – family doctors, surgeons and specialists – in British Columbia. We have grave concerns about the pandemic response in our province and, specifically, we are opposed to mandates for healthcare professionals and the attack on our citizen's privacy interests. BC's healthcare system is imploding as a result of decades of governmental mismanagement. The firing of healthcare workers is not supported by sound scientific judgement, is (in our opinion) unethical, and is only exacerbating the turmoil in our health care system which affects all British Columbians - vaccinated or otherwise.

Given the unreasonable actions of our government, we are seeking recourse in the courts. Court cases are expensive and many of our members have been unable to work since November, 2021. The government has unlimited financial resources (taxpayers' money) to protect their position.

These legal actions will likely cost our group over $1 million dollars. Our first-stage legal fund target is $150,000 to be raised as soon as possible. We have already collected almost $130,000 from society members. We need a little help to raise the last $20,000.

We humbly ask for financial assistance from others - our families, friends and patients. Please join us in our fight for privacy, scientifically sound policy, and medical freedom. This fight is for all of us - including our children.

Thank you for your support!

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