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boysBuilding on Rock


3% funded

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Category: Pro-Family

Start Date: March 7, 2023


Our boys need a permanent summer camp property. A Catholic, traditional, summer camp. So they are going to build it themselves.

Make a tax-deductible donation to St. John Bosco Camps to help build this campsite. 

Saint John Bosco Camps (SJBC) seeks to glorify God through Catholic camps and wilderness experiences. SJBC works in collaboration with Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary (FSSP) to help young people and others grow in faith and virtue while experiencing God’s grandeur in His creation. 

Each summer SJBC has to rent campsites to run its summer camps and so is severely limited as to the size, number, and dates of its programs. So we have launched a campaign: BUILDING ON ROCK. We are going to build a campsite of our own. 

SJBC will host 174 boys at its various camps this summer. We have asked 100 of these boys to join us in our mission to build our campsite. If 100 of the 174 boys attending our camps can raise 1000.00 we will raise 100,000.00 towards our goal of 1.5 million. Can they do even better than that? 

SJBC wants to secure the future of its charism: to teach young men and others that to be completely Catholic is also to be truly joyful. SJBC achieves this goal by giving its campers a chance to encounter God in His clergy, His Church and each other in the beautiful setting of His majestic creation. At the camps the young men frequent the sacraments, hike, and play sports with the Chaplain and the seminarians. They make new friends, grow in their faith, and God willing, leave the camp more Christ-like than they came. 

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