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Expecting family in need


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Category: Pro-Life

Start Date: November 29, 2022


Sarmad was denied for the third time today, any paid leave. He is still off work caring for Amanda on bedrest and the rest of the family. The family is now displaced and dealing with hospital appts and contractors. 

Amanda is still pregnant with baby Lourdes, Thanks be to God and the prayers of you all. Last Wednesday their home caught fire. It is no longer liveable and they have moved out for the foreseeable future. Please continue to pray for their family as they navigate this difficult time in their lives. All Glory to God!

Eleven weeks ago, our world came to a halt. After picking up a virus from my children, I began contracting at 21 weeks pregnant. 

At 21 weeks 3 days, after days of regular contractions my husband asked me to go to the hospital to make sure everything was OK. I was sent for an ultrasound. I was expecting to be told all was well and to just go home, hydrate and get some rest. 

The nurse and doctor came into my room and the doctor pointed to a paper and showed me the length of my cervix. I replied, oh no! I do not like that, she said. 

She then went on to explain that with that number I likely would not make it past the next two weeks of my pregnancy and that they could not do anything to medically intervene as she was not viable. 

Naturally, I cried and the nurse  handed me a box of kleenex. I apologized for being emotional in front of them. I'm not sure why I would apologize but I did. 

The doctor gave me the option to stay. I asked what could be done and she said aside from progesterone, nothing. She said they would just give me meds to make me comfortable. 

I just wanted out of there, I called my husband crying and asked him to come pick me up. My children had many questions and I was very honest about the prognosis. 

My son replied, but won't God save her? It was then I realized that the doctors may not know my God. I promised myself and God that I would not cry from that day forward and I would throw myself at the foot of his cross. 

Fast forward 2 days and I saw my OB. My husband came with me and we had many questions. Though it was not normal practice he agreed that he would medically intervene after 22 weeks but advised against it. Going two hours out of city to another hospital was what my options were at the moment. 

With my doctor and husband we all agreed I would go on strict bedrest with hospital appts and ultrasounds twice weekly. Each day was another day closer to a "safer" place. I was not guaranteed anything of course but I truly put my faith in Christ. 

It was then decided my husband had to be off to care for me and our 4 boys. We were told that he could apply for caregiver benefits and be paid 55 percent of his wages. 

For a six person family that is next to nothing but absolutely necessary to keep our home going. We waited 6 weeks just to be denied. We were told we could appeal it, so that is exactly what we did. 

We had made it to 28 plus weeks and we were so very grateful. We were also very behind financially. My husband spoke to reps who told him what needed to be submitted and we headed back to the doctor to get the forms filled out. 

Fast forward another few weeks: denied. That was the end of the road. There were no other options for our family. Insurance and work were contacted and there was nothing else to be done. 

When my husband asked the representatives why we were denied paid leave the response was, your wife's life is not at risk. My husband said no, our daughter's life is at risk. 

This was very much a life or death situation. Every day mattered! The representative responded, I'm sorry you didn't get the answer you wanted. 

Unfortunately, they do not recognize the life of our unborn daughter. By the grace of God and the prayers and support of many we have made it to 31 weeks. 

My doctor has asked for me to remain on bedrest as every day does matter. 

This requires my husband to continue unpaid leave.

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