Stand 4 children. If not you, then who?

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Stand 4 children. If not you, then who?


47% funded

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Category: Pro-Life

Start Date: April 22, 2022


Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen people rally together on many occasions to bring about change. There are multiple issues which require us to work together in order to find a solution, but abortion may be the most urgent of them all. As businesses closed, people lost their jobs, and medical appointments were cancelled, the killing of pre-born children never stopped.

Today, 300 innocent humans will be brutally killed in Canada. Tomorrow, 300 more will tragically meet the same fate. Their lives violently ended by lethal injections, medical tools which tear their bodies to pieces, or pills which cut off their nutrition source, leaving them to starve. Their crimes? They are considered an inconvenience, deemed less than human, or too young to deserve the dignity the rest of us enjoy. 

We all share the responsibility to defend the helpless and advocate for the voiceless. These children need you to stand up against the barbaric practices which threaten their lives! 

45 passionate interns are ready to hit the streets this summer to share the truth about what abortion does to pre-born children. They will work full-time to deliver materials and engage Canadians in a truthful yet compassionate way. This on-the-ground approach has proved to be effective time and again as we hear testimony after testimony of minds changed through the projects put on by CCBR staff, volunteers and interns.

In order for these team members to be effective, they need a community of pro-life individuals rallying around them. Your prayers and financial support fuel real change – one conversation at a time. If we work together we will see minds changed and lives saved!

Donations can be received on this campaign page, via our website, through mail or by e-transfer to (please put contact info in e-transfer note field)

CCBR P.O. Box 98206 Falconridge PO, Calgary, AB, T3J 0K6

While CCBR is a registered non-profit, it is not a registered charity and consequently is not able to provide tax-deductible receipts. More information click here.

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