Help open our ‘Doors of Hope’ in Scotland

Edinburgh, Lothian


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Help open our ‘Doors of Hope’ in Scotland


3% funded

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Stanton Healthcare East Scotland

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Stanton Healthcare East of Scotland

Stanton Healthcare East of Scotland supports your pregnancy with whatever you need, for as long as you need it. We're here to provide you with alternatives, advice and practical help. Stanton support is different for everyone but is always free and confidential

Category: Pro-Life

Start Date: February 11, 2022

In Scotland, women from deprived areas are up to 3 times more likely to present for abortion than women from wealthy areas. In the last 10 years abortion rates among poor women have increased by 25% while abortions for the wealthy have actually gone down. In Edinburgh, our capital city, abortion centers are almost exclusively situated in the poorest areas.

Help me open the ‘Doors of Hope’ to offer alternatives, advice and life giving support to women in the most difficult circumstances.

With your help we can open a new Stanton Healthcare pregnancy care center, serving women in the east of Scotland. We’ve made great progress so far – a team of committed pro-lifers is coming together, gifts of baby clothes and equipment are promised, and we’ve raised some funds.

But we need your help to open the doors. Our service will be professional, personal and life affirming. We’re planning on premises in the heart of Edinburgh where women can come to find hope, and be well. Women will be able to visit, talk with a trained Pregnancy Adviser, and receive ‘whatever they need, for as long as they need it.’ That’s our promise and my vision for mothers and their unborn children.

Please Donate today to help me make it happen

Donna Cameron is Executive Director of Stanton Healthcare (East of Scotland) the registered Scottish charity (SC051362) collecting funds for this ‘Doors of Hope’ appeal

Please consider donating to Stanton Healthcare East Scotland today.

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